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  • michelle ochoa - Not a lot of tricking but a whole lot of treating went on in this little novella!

    Not a lot of tricking but a whole lot of treating went on in this little novella! And I wanted more!!!

  • Student - Get this!

    I really studied hard using this book (2 weeks) but my test date was canceled due to a snow storm. I went back to school (18 credits) so had no time to continue my studies. I took my test today after not studying for 3 weeks and the information was still there (even though I wish I had taken a practice test a couple days ago since my time management was really off today). I raised my score from a 150 math and 155 English (practice test 1) to a 155/162 for the actual test today. The things I learned in this book I'm sure will serve me for a lifetime.

  • Brock - Great additions to any kitchen

    A great price for an awesome set of tools! Able to do everything from crushing ice, making smoothies, to making cookie or pizza dough. Only downside would be the noise level, but worth saving hundreds of dollars vs the alternative.

  • Dianna R - Great desktop PC replacement.

    I have been putting this Mini PC to the test for the past 3 months. I was looking for a replacement for my desktop PC with a much smaller profile. I tested a few of the smaller media center type mini PC's but found them lacking in many areas. I can say now that the problem is solved with the ASUS VivoMini VC65. Right from the start I was impressed with it's performance. It did take a few days to get caught up with Windows 10 updates as well as some drive updates, but after that it ran perfectly. I have just added another 8gigs of ram and installed a 500gig SSD. I didn't do this because the performance was poor with the original drive and ram. Unless you are into heavy gaming the ASUS VivoMini run's just fine out of the box. Speaking of out of the box, the Amazon description is incorrect. It came with a 1TD 5400 hard drive and 8gigs of ram. I ran it like this for over 2 months and it's response was very good. Yes, more ram and a SSD really makes a difference, but out of the box is not bad at all. Admittedly I'm a speed freak and didn't mind spending another $200 dollars. My total investment is $700 dollars which is a lot less than what I could find with comparable spec's in a BIG BOX desktop PC. I'm presently running Windows 10 Anniversary edition which I will highly recommend. A final note: I used the old drive and put it in the second bay for storage.