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  • Bern - Marie Claire for kindle

    Unlike other magazine apps... Lucky mag, In Style, Glamour, People Style Watch or any other magazine, you cannot access past issues. This is a feature that is essential. I have paid for them ( more than the print subscription at that)I should be able to look at them whenever I want to! If I am wrong someone let me know but I haven't found it. For this reason I won't be renewing.

  • AmazonCustomer - I use Sea Foam in both my lawnmower at the ...

    I use Sea Foam in both my lawnmower at the beginning of the spring and my snowblower at the beginning of the winter. It helps to clear out any gunk from the oil/gas combo that was left in the tank at the end of the season. It does the job of helping to clear out the engine or keep gas fresh.

  • cesca86 - Don't understand the hype

    I don't understand why people think that this is sloughing off dead skin, it is the material of the gel that starts to clump together not your actual skin doing that. You would have to be using a chemical peel to have that effect on your skin. I honestly did not notice any difference in my face using it. The consistency actually kind of irks me out.

  • Maggie C - A story of immigrants making their way in America

    I originally picked up this book because I love reading historical novels, especially those set in New York City. It’s fascinating to hear about this city as the waves of immigrants arrived to help make what it is today.

  • L. Black - Could be Better

    I have gone through three Swiffer Sweepers in a year. They break at the second joint on the handle and become unusable. I don't believe it is only because of my firm cleaning style. While I am muscular, I am not heavy. 117 pounds during curling season and no more than 135 pounds off season. So it is not like I am a 250 pound pole vaulter. Like everyone else, I just want my kitchen floor clean without having to get on my hands and knees. After the last Swiffer handle broke, I refused to buy a new one. Instead, I took matters into my own hands. I replaced the handle with a stalk of bamboo harvested from my yard. It has held up magnificently. If it was made like this originally I would have given it a five star review. But it didn't. It came with a cheap metalish handle fastened in three segments. As is, one star.

  • Canashar - Love the shaver

    Love the shaver. It cuts beautifully and does not irritate my skin. My only concern is that you must have it charged to use it. Because you can use water to clean the razor, it will only work cordless. I would like the option to use it with the cord when it needs to be charged. Regardless, I think it will be ok, just remembering to keep it charged takes some getting used to.