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  • thia - buy Swiffer but not their wet or dry pads; use microfiber pads

    I move to a 1000 sq ft apatment with almost all white tiles and it was so difficult to clean. I needed something and thought the Swiffer would help. Their wet pads just pushed dirt all over, left dirt lines and didn't even clean around the grout lines even though I went through the area first with the dry pads for dirt. I would go through ~10 wet pads to "clean" my floors plus I would then have to go over the entire floor with my mircofiber towels. That did the job so I thought if I can replace their pads with a microfiber pads, it might work so I went on Amazon and found a microfiber cleaning pad, Tersano cleaning cloths and they fit the Swiffer head snuggly, not the XL. It works!!! I don't have to continuously buy the chemical or dry pads to fill our landfills. The Tersano cloth pads are washable and because it thicker and absorbent, it cleans much better and doesn't deposit dirt in the floor grouts. The investment in the Tersano pads was ~$6.00 and the original Swiffer starter kit was ~$11; not bad considering a typical sponge mop is ~$18 and are horrible on tile. Buy the Swiffer but don't waste money or time with their wet or dry pads.

  • Lyndie - You can import 360° video but you can export 360° video!

    I purchased this software because of the 360 degree editing but quickly found a major problem, you can't export a 360 degree video. I tried every scenario possible and even purchased the MPEG4 codec (yes, they make you pay an additional $5 for it). I searched online for tutorials and found a great article written by Magix about how to edit the 360 videos but the article ended with, "When you video is finished, you can export it in the format of your choice and share it online with others.Ready to start cranking out your own 360 degree videos? Get a free test copy of Movie Edit Pro 2016 Plus or Premium now!" There's no explanation of how to export the video so that I can "start cranking out my own 360 degree video". I contacted tech support (which is a joke) and received the following response, "Unfortuantely you can only import 360° videos but you cannot export out a 360° video. It will export as 2D." What? So I can import the 360 degree video, I can edit the 360 degree video but I cannot export the 360 degree video! Why would anyone put all the work into editing a video which you can NEVER export? Either this software is a joke or tech support is a joke.

  • Jinxers - Quality product

    Quality product. Great picture. Is able to handle HD content and provides a better picture quality than my satellite. Also comes with an hdmi cable which was an unexpected bonus. The remote that comes with it is a little sub par. Get a keyboard remote to go with it.

  • Robert Miller - Great buy!

    Great product. Easy to install! Directions simple and easy to follow. Looks just like a factory install.

  • Scott from Minnesota - Will not install, but removes Kaspersky 2013 so no anti-virus protection at all

    I've spent 6 hours today trying to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 on two different computers running Windows 7 64-bit. In one place,their directions say to remove Kaspersky 2013 first, but another place says that you can install 2014 on top of 2013. Both appear to be wrong, since neither method works. Kaspersky Support's resolution to this problem is to try installing it again. That hasn't worked either. No other suggestions for this problem on their website.

  • Marius A - No noise !

    The factory Antenna was always bouncing on a beam in my Garage. Tried some other 'shorty' antennas, you would not believe the wind noise that the non factory units are generating. Her comes the Stubby. No wind noise and I cannot detect any loss of reception.

  • Nora M. - I love this product

    I love this product, and I am really enjoying making my own cards, return labels, etc. I like that you can personalize and change/add to the cards, even though they are premade.