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    City: 6.0694 District de Luxembourg, Luxembourg

  • Pluckman - For What Its Worth

    Received the CD/DVD set in the mail on Friday, haven't watch the DVD yet, but the CDs are fantastic, especially as I saw CSN play Melbourne (Australia) on March 29, and Crosby had lost his voice, but the show went on anyway, and it was still top notch, and the sell out crowd loved it! Yes, we are all getting older, but the music is still great, and that is what we went for and why we buy a set like this. If you like the guys individual stuff, or Crosby/Nash, CSN or CSN&Y, especially their older stuff, just buy it and enjoy!

  • Leanne - Boring book, but good information for those with yeast.

    If you have systemic yeast or battle recurrent yeast infections in any form, you should buy this book. It is absolutely, mind numbingly boring to read......but it is easy to follow and it lays out what to do, and not do, very well. I have systemic yeast that my dr could not cure. I'm feeling so much better since going on this diet, although, it is extremely limited.

  • Jarold - great and fast. helpful.

    exactly what was order. A+ rating. fair price. can't get this at a better price. glows better in person than in the picture.

  • Amazon Customer - This is wonderful! I was one of the first people to ...

    This is wonderful! I was one of the first people to get the original exploding kittens, and I couldn't wait for imploding kittens! The cards are great, the game is excellent for first-time and long-time players: extremely easy learn and ever-engaging. The cone of shame was an added bonus, but so much fun! And they did the most nifty thing: all of the new imploding kittens cards can fit inside of the exploding kittens box using a card divider they send you in the new imploding kittens box: ingenious. Great product, awesome at parties, love it so much!

  • mujer - Love it.

    Love it...lasts for forever and can use it for everything from cleaning fruits and vegetables to getting tough stains out of clothing and everything in between!

  • Pam G. - Just a great DVD to follow up the St

    Just a great DVD to follow up the St. Louis Cardinals winning the 2011 World Series... Always a Cardinal at heart ~~

  • Amazon Customer - DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME!!!!!

    They are searching my house for me. They have eaten my sister and dogs, and my parents are nothing more than bleeding torsos now. I am risking my life to write a warning: THE PRODUCT IS ALIVE AND REPRODUCING!!!! For the sake of all you love, do not bu-OH MY GOD THEY'VE FOUND ME19P82DFJSACX ,FDSAKL;IOEWQ