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Country:, Europe, GR

City: 23.7333 Attica, Greece

  • Amazon Customer - Does a great job. Stopped buying bottled water completely

    Does a great job. Stopped buying bottled water completely. Better for the environment and saves money. Not to mention lugging water to 2nd floor apartment

  • Joe Barnes - To expensive

    When advertised it sounded like one canister would last for a month but when I received it I realized that the instructions told me to take it three times a day which cut the product down to 10 to 12 days. It is just way to high of cost for what results you receive. I am disappointed with products that sell for so high that offers good health results. I don't believe the cost to produce the product is comfortable to price that is charged.

  • Amazon Customer - No more dimples!

    My boyfriend use to squeeze my butt cheek and you could see a lot of little dimples and thats completely gone! I noticed that within the first week. So it definitely helps firm it and i can see it's more full on the side so I like seeing that. overall I can see a difference and cant wait to see my final results in around March!

  • Marisa - Really Good

    At first it had that tangy taste to it but, I got used to it. I notice my nails were long and strong. If I would kept using it i probably notice more stuff.I ran out and didn't order any more. I do think it has probably other benefits but, i need to keep buying more but, its quite expensive which I wish it was much less expensive. That's why i gave it 4 stars but, its still great and easy to drink with any meal or by itself.

  • Starlake Associates - My first remanufatured toner cartridge

    I've never trusted non HP cartridges for the 20 years that I've been using HP lasers, this was the first. It has worked flawlessly for 1/3 the price of a new HP cartridge and I'll be using them from now on.

  • Thornflesh - Poor man's sex change operation

    This will remove all male parts, if applied to the groin area. That may warrant a 5 star if that's what you wanted to accomplish, or a 1 star if all you wanted to do is remove hair. Please follow the directions to the letter.

  • Hiya - My favorite stroller!

    I search and search baby strollers before purchasing this one. I love love love it. Although its not perfect (what baby stroller is) its pretty darn close. Lets just jump right into it.