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  • IRLadybug - Dammm Ms. Welch!!!!

    Medlov is one of the BEST series ever. Can I be adopted by the Medlov Family? Ms. Welch put her everything in this book. I loved part 1 and can't believe part 2 went to another level. I am not going to give away details to this story. All I am going to say is DO NOT MESS WITH DMITRY'S FAMILY!!! People you must purchase this book.. As always Ms. Welch does not disappoint.

  • Andi M. - ... company within the last year and have been very pleased with everything

    I have purchase so many items from this company within the last year and have been very pleased with everything! Within the year, I've purchase Easter Decorations and Eggs and most recently I bought Hand-painted ornaments, Stocking, Table Runner,Pillow Covers, Wooden Nesting Dolls and Tree Skirts. The quality is excellent, the reason I keep buying from this company. They ship quickly and everything is packaged real well. I can't say enough good things about their products!

  • MissCate - Too many discrepancies

    I have several problems with this book. A number of foods on Jorge's Belly Good list are actually foods that have a high glycemic index, even though they have little or no added sugar, i.e., Shredded Wheat, crackers, Cheerios, to name a few. And on the other hand he lists several foods on his Belly Bad list that are actually quite low on the glycemic index, such as MILK!!!, yogurt, and frosted flakes. The book THE GLUCOSE REVOLUTION explains the science behind the glycemic index and how many foods with sugar are okay to eat because they break down very slowly in the body, meaning they have a low glycemic index. Dr. Andrew Weil praised THE GLUCOSE REVOLUTION, and he also praises THE BELLY FAT CURE. Yet these two books are not in keeping with each other at all. Explain how he can support both books? One more problem with the BFC book is that Jorge implies that you can eat as much as you want as long as you stick with the sugar/carb rule, but yet he tells you to follow his weekly menus which are on the skimpy side if you ask me. One more thing, the sweetener stevia made me very ill!

  • Allen Muramoto - Top notch product and straightforward easy installation.

    Simple installation. No more than 20 minutes. Quality materials as mentioned in all of the reviews. Requires phillips screwdriver. A torx wrench is not necessary.

  • Neatly Crafted - AMAZING 3 IN 1 CASE

    i always wanted a wallet phone case but i never liked how big it would make my phone. Plus its extra heavy. i guess i was wrong, because i love this wallet case. it easy holds 4 credit cards and 1 ID card. the case itself protects my phone really good. it feels snug to my phone. AND THE FLIP HOLDER!! amazing. prolly the most favorite part about this case. i was a lot of shows at work and i usually hold it up against something, but i no longer need to do it with this case. easy to angel to watch movies or shows.

  • Austin Mark - Bonus Reward via Amazon email

    Software is excellent, but you still have to be aware of certain aspects of the tax law (like local sales tax) to maximize your deductions. With regards to the Amazon bonus rewards, be aware that the email comes from Amazon and not H&R Block. I was getting concerned that after I received an email from H&R Block that my taxes had been accepted by the IRS to look for an email regarding rewards. I didn't get one from H&R Block, but it was buried in my emails from Amazon.