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  • Bart L. Schairer - Excellent for teaching yourself Access

    I'm a couple of years behind writing this review, but I taught myself Access with just this book. Since then I'm a database maniac - I wish I had learned it earlier. This book is laid out well and fairly easy to use - something I can't say for all software manuals. For that matter, I've pretty much hated most of the software manuals I've ever used - but I love this one.

  • pastorjfa - Great until it breaks

    I will start of saying I loved my NuWave oven while it was working. The problem is at just over 15 months it started to act like a fuse was blown and needed to be reset. I tried it in different sockets but it made no difference. For about two months it would work sporadically until it finally won't work at all. I notified the company and they said the power head was shot and offered me a new head for $40 plus 19.95 shipping because it was no longer in warranty. Then they informed me that the only way I could get that deal was to ship back the defective (out of warranty) old power head at my cost for shipping. iF i WOULDN'T DO THAT THEN THEY WERE GOING TO CHARGE ME $65 PLUS 19.95 SHIPPING. Does anybody think this makes sense other than their customer service. SO BEWARE IF YOU WANT A GREAT WORKING COOKER FOR LESS THAN 18 MONTHS THEN BUY IT BUT DON'T COUNT ON GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PLAN ON SPENDING $85 EVERY YEAR AND A HALF TO CONTINUE ENJOYING THIS COOKER.

  • TRATCS - Stinky!

    I have been using the Invati products including the scalp revitalizer now for about a month. I do not notice any difference in how thick my hair is (or feels). I will say it does look very healthy. My biggest complaint is that the the scalp revitalizer and the conditioner smell just terrible. (The shampoo I can live with.) The conditioner smells like wet clay. I would swear that the revitalizer has patchouli oil in it (which I believe was actually referred to once on television as "stinky oil"). I am very sensitive to smells and personally don't like the smell of most of the Aveda products anyway, (I find the odor heavy and oppressing) but this line is definitely the worst they have come up with yet, in my opinion. Guess I'm just not an "essential oil" type of person.

  • THOMAS R OVERTON - I don't necessarily find it memorable but entertaining and intense ...

    I don't necessarily find it memorable but entertaining and intense enough to help remember our finite state....and for those that are believers...a cause to rethink behavior related to eternal existence.

  • L. B. Glass - Just the thing for killing werewolves

    These solid silver cables are just the thing for killing werewolves. And the howls and screams when they die! What fidelity!

  • DronePro - Meh... Spend a bit more for a larger...better seat.

    Maybe it's just me but compared to our other seat, one of their competitors, this seems of poor quality and honestly, the baby sits real weird in it... Does the job, works Great with the City Select stroller but my newborn seems to sit awkward in it.

  • Timothy Eastman - A real live release.

    Much improved from their first live EP (One and Done) and a full arrangement of a dozen songs. Excellent sound similar to studio quality lending to their level of professionalism. Seeing them live (on the DVD) is a big plus, making the juice worth the extra squeeze.