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  • Laura I. - Love Shameless! Great acting, plot lines, etc.

    Terrific show! Very disturbing at some points, but also amusing & clever. Not at all predictable like so many TV shows & movies. I can barely wait for each new episode & season! Definitely not for children.

  • Danielle K - Great space saver!

    We bought this for our twins and I will be ordering a second one because we love it! We have a very small house and our kitchen table is in our tiny kitchen. I thought about getting a Fisher Price Space Saver, the kind that sits on your chairs. But then I realized it wouldn't save any space if the chairs couldn't be pushed under the table and even though these do stick out from the table, they are far less bulky and take up less space and we still have a 4 chairs available if we need them. I'm really happy that I went with this style of high chair. I was worried that it wouldn't work with our table because the table has decorative metal underneath but it actually fits perfect! The arms have rubber grips that clamp on securely to the table. I am not sure if you are supposed to wash in the washer, but I did. I took the whole thing apart and took out the seat padding and it washed up really good. I set it out to dry as my dryer really loves to shrink things and I didn't want it to be too small to fit back on the frame!

  • elaine - Interesting, nothing new

    Maybe some new details not included in other books. I keep reading about Hillary's life, expecting to be able to agree with the media. But I do not understand why they want America to become like Europe. Socialism does not work. Some of the program's she wants will continue to bankrupt our country.

  • Amazon Customer - Game Changer

    My gym problems are over. Countless workouts with weights ripping the wires out of my ears, ear buds falling out while jogging, pieces falling apart... Not only does this product fix all of these problems, but the sound quality is excellent. I just got a full 2 hour workout in with no issues with music playing, no cord problems (it's wifi),and l they fit in and on your ears perfectly so they didn't fall out even once. Oh yeah, and the battery is still full. I don't write reviews often, but I'm very pleased. No more music frustration at the gym. Thank you for the quality product.

  • Texas23 - A decent, quick read

    Overall, I thought this was a pretty good read. The story jumps in right away, and the mystery unfolds from there. It's a quick read, and the numerous twists held my interest. Toward the end, I found myself really wanting to continue reading to see what really happened.

  • Richard Dekreek - I live in the Houston area. I almost exclusively ...

    I live in the Houston area. I almost exclusively listen to music from Sirius or from iPhone. I do occasionally dial in FM to 88.7 the local public radio station. I am still able to pick up that station around the area with no problem. Look forward to no longer having to rake my antenna off when I go through a car wash.