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  • Samuel R. Aldrete - Dangerous Advise for Kidney Stones!!!

    I am a kidney stone patient, after a couple of medium stones spread over 4 years I decided to follow Mr. Wallachs advice and started with agressive calcium supplementation, like he recommends, after 2 years I ended up with two big stones [one on each kidney] and several smaller stones on BOTH kidneys

  • hurt - The taste of the fiber isn't the best either. I didn't get diaherra like I was ...

    Followed the direction on each bottle. The taste of the fiber isn't the best either. I didn't get diaherra like I was afraid which was great! After about day 3 I felt lighter and less bloated.


    I grew up in the 50's amd 60's playing Ouija Board with my mom like other kids played Monopoly. We had fun with it. Mom claimed it worked under the principle of static electricity and mental telepathy (mom was a mind reader too) and she wasn't too far off. It is technically known as the Ideomotor phenomenon.

  • Kaytlyn - which was annoying but not enough for me to return it

    The shoes themselves are okay, but I'm a little worried that I got a knockoff pair. Also the company shipped me a 9.5 instead of a 9, which was annoying but not enough for me to return it. If you're looking for a good pair of Nikes that look nice, skip these. I don't think they were worth the money.

  • Dean Nelson - Great transmitter, faulty Bluetooth

    The signal from the transmitter is very strong. In fact, it's so strong that it can even block out other stations several frequencies away. To that end, this is very good at being an FM transmitter. Unfortunately, the device frequently lost its Bluetooth connection with my phone to where I'd have to factory reset it to get it resync with my phone. Another thing to consider is that if you aren't tuned to the broadcast station, you won't hear any alerts on your phone since there isn't a speaker built into this unit. I really wanted to like this unit but based on the frequent Bluetooth connection drops, I returned it. I'll stick with my Roadster 2 for now - the FM transmitter isn't as powerful but it doesn't forget my device and having the speaker for when I'm not listening to the FM station is especially helpful when using apps like Google Maps.

  • GigiSez - Best Manuka Honey on the Market

    I have tried several brands of organic Manuka honey and Wedderspoon is absolutely the best tasting, best texture and I feel the most beneficial in terms of settling my stomach and acid reflux. Yes, it is expensive, but the price on Amazon is a lot cheaper than retail stores I've seen.

  • Mark J. Wagner - Save yourself time and headaches and find a backup solution that actually works!

    Save yourself some time and find another backup solution. This product has several major flaws. First, if you have relatively new hardware its boot disk creation utility is very poor. You MAY be able to create a boot disk that works but you will have to manually find and add the right drivers. Other solutions, like Macrium Reflect automate the entire boot disk creation process. Second, it has no log viewer built in if you run into any issues with your backups. Third, there is no way to delete old or unwanted backup sets from within the program. Fourth, some of the features and functions simply don't work. Honestly I have no idea how/why this product gets any positive reviews.