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    Bought this for my 15 year old son. He's used every prescription known to man in an effort to clear his skin (duac, tazorac, etc). Next step is Accutane and my husband and I are both terrified of that stuff. I read the reviews and figured Lerosett was worth a try. Can't hurt, might help, and won't make my son suicidal. My son and I both are very pleased with how his skin looks which is better than when he was using all the harsh chemicals. It's only been a month, but here's to hoping it continues to work!

  • TMSpencer - Classic

    I wouldn't have bought it if I didn't like it.......the proof is in the listening and how the sound waves massage the brain.....let me go.

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    This shea butter is 100% pure and it really shows! I use this shea butter in my DIY body care products, but I also like to use it just as a moisturizer. It takes other products well and can be combined with coconut oil or most other oils to make a cream that your skin will love.

  • Johannes - I have no idea if this product is effectivel

    The seller was very helpful with this order and I thank them for that. Normally I buy this direct from supple and will do so again. Does it help your body. I have no idea. Not sure there is a way to determine if it actually works. FIVE STAR FOR THE SELLER.

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    The reason I purchased the antenna was the factory installed antenna was too tall for the Jeep to go in and out of my garage. This one is about half the lenght of the one I had. I cannot tell any difference in the reception.