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  • Jamie Miles - Not worth the $

    This software is incredibly difficult to understand. The Little Square offers help but it hasn't actually helped solved any of my problems. We own a small drive thru deli and need to be able to input our sales and sales tax, but it won't seem to let us do that. It also says that we can link our banking or download our transactions, but it won't actually let me do that either. My bank is not supported so I have to manually enter every transaction. I could have created an excel spreadsheet to do that for free. Not sure yet what the benefit of paying $200 for this item is.

  • C. Heinrich - not worth the amount of money

    This is a hind sight/ experience review for somebody wanting to buy a Sole Elliptical. If you have ANY problems, ANY what so ever, call them and get it resolved. Quickly. I have the e35, and have been using it for a few years so here's where my experience comes into play. I would not buy it again for the price I paid, which was $1400 delivered to my door. No where near worth that price for the problems and troubles I have encountered. First off, I'm 6'1 @ about 195 lbs and I cannot get comfortable with the footing position. Secondly, the honeymoon was over after about two months which is when all the noise and problems began. If my feet are not in an exact position this thing reminds me of an antique railroad hand powered cart, its that bad. Sound and feel. And if I move my feet anywhere near the outside of the right foot pad it jumps the rail, which has ended up gouging the rail pretty bad( and today I broke the foot pad because of it jumping the rail ). I've never gone above the level 15 on resistance so I have not abused this unit. As a licensed A/P who has been working on military aircraft for over twenty years I know my way around a wrench, so every time I would take this thing apart and put it back together things would be fine, for a bit.I adjusted this, adjusted that, tightened this and that, tried the advice on the website, nothing ever fixed the problems for more than a few weeks. Then I would get fed up and just go walking around the block for several months. I should have taken the broken console on arrival of the unit as an omen, then when the heart rate monitor it came with didn't work, I should have taken that as a sign. To their credit they did replace both items free of charge quickly but that the only credit I'm giving them. This is where the three years of using this unit comes into play, this is a heavy unit, no doubts about that. And I went through three or four elliptical's before this e35, broke frames on all of them so there's no worry about that here. Electrically it's worked great, no problems there except the broken console. It's not user maintenance friendly, the manual is very very basic, almost pathetic in explaining adjustments etc.. and it's just not made for somebody over 6 foot. If your 5' or 5'5 it might be perfect but for my height and weight I can't get comfortable. In hindsight I should have called Sole more than I did but, I'm at the point where I don't think I'll ever buy another Sole Elliptical again based on my experience with this one over time.

  • Dravid - Seems effective

    I have bloating and acid reflux especially after a meal and this makes it hard for me to sleep after dinner. About an hour before I sleep, I now use this machine and it seems to make the bloating and the reflux ease up considerably so I sleep much better. Note that this machine is not a medical device and is not meant to relieve the kind of symptoms that I have. It is just that I discovered this incidental benefit, which others may or may not experience.