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  • Tarmentrout - Works!!

    My husband LOVES this coozie. We both own yeti cups and use them daily. When I saw this, I knew I had to get it for him. This coozie works well for a bottle or a can. The top unscrews to insert a bottle. There is no need to refrigerate or freeze this. While using this coozie, beverages stay very cold. I asked him if I could try it, even though I got it for him, because I knew that I would really put it to the test. I am an incredible slow drinker. Amazingly, my beverage stayed cold the entire time. I am convinced! We will have to get a few more of these. I received this product at a discount in return for my honest opinion.

  • Howie Duen - Works Well, But Definitely a Learning Curve

    Initially, I had a bit of difficulty using this product. I pressed down firmly, but the banana slicer was not effectively slicing my banana. Finally, after much confusion and frustration, I realized you must first peel the banana before attempting to slice it with the slicer. After I removed the peel from the banana, the slicer worked quite well.

  • A. Smith - I don't understand the hype

    The information and recommendations within this book can be found in a lot of other natural books that discuss supplements. Or, you can just read the reviews for the book - many of which provide the supplements the book discusses. The reason I purchased this book is because based on reviews and book information, this book tells you EXACTLY what supplements (brand) to purchase. However, since this book was published over 2 years ago, several of the supplements recommended are not available (i.e. Wal-mart brand cinnamon). Not to mention, the certificate of authenticity is over 2.5 years old. Furthermore, for some of the supplements recommended (milk thistle) the author pretty much says any brand will do. So, I'm confused. Disappointed I didn't find the direct, updated information I was hoping to find in this book. Also, found a lot of the book to be "fluffy".

  • Amazon Customer - Book bad.

    Cliches run wild. In the characters, the setting, plot and language. "She started tearing up again"!!! and again and again... and all she did was "tear up". Really grabbed my imagination. (Sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?). Not an avid reader's thriller of choice. Predictable, unoriginal and amateurish writing and plot. Character are weak. Seems like a mix of different borrowed plot. The language is repetitive and seems like its targeted towards middle school kids more than adults. Read a Nancy Drew? Literary wise - more advanced reading.

  • Zack B. - Wish I ordered another option.

    Does not work nearly as well as the few other pills I have tried with the exact same ingredient percentages, floaters and light sensitivity were much less with the other pills.

  • Lisa - Garbage.

    These diapers have changed! They are garbage. We have used Pampers Swaddlers since our son was born, he's 2 now, and the last box we've received is just complete garbage. The image has changed, the diaper stinks of glue, the yellow fasteners feel very cheap and the diaper overall feels different. Not to mention the diaper has two weird red lines on them now. We will be checking out another store's diapers, if they're the same then it's a Pampers problem. If they're different, then it's an Amazon problem. Will update.

  • Vonnie Cantrell - ok - keep this Mott's 100% Original Apple Juice chilled ...

    ok - keep this Mott's 100% Original Apple Juice chilled in the refrigerator. Keep glasses in the freezer. Then combine the two - a healthy, delicious drink!