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  • R. Sazanowicz - Great Ball for average to faster swing speeds.

    I've played pretty much every high end ball out there, the B330 RX is as good as any of them. They are Ideal for players with swing speeds between 99 and 105 mph. Faster swings risk over-compressing the ball and slower swings won't really see much benefit in them over cheaper options.

  • Tina N. - Not worth 51 dollars

    I bought this because one of the guys that sells it asked me to try it. It didn't do anything for me whatsoever. I've tried Oxyelite pro and dexamine because they work great, but this one was basically a gimmick. I know the guy who owns the company and I think part of these high reviews comes from friends asking them to write good reviews.

  • PEI Buyer - NERO GMBH Sucks

    Nero Platinum 15 NEVER worked properly from the beginning. Then, when I loaded Win!0, it has failed most miserably. NOW, I am getting offers to (pre)purchase Nero 16 before I get an answer for issues experienced from Nero GMBH about Platinum 15. NOTE: NERO GMBH does NOT sell or support their software except from THIRD party software distributors. This really annoys me. I will only purchase software from its original source. Take warning !

  • Karen - Great Product-Greedy Company

    Great product-Greedy Company: We are so thankful for this product as it did change our daughter's colic and feeding in 24 hours. However, they changed the product to a new "fluffier" version. This version is harder to scoop to get a good, accurate amount. And, more importantly, there is less in each can. It seems they added fluff to increase the amount of space the product takes up so they can make more money. I emailed them and they claimed that it was a change in manufacturing and they sent me some 2 dollar coupons. But we all know that change was to make more money. Luckily the new "fluffier" version seems to still sit well with my daughter as the ingredients are the same. It just doesn't sit as well with my pocket book and it's beyond disappointing to know a company for children is just out to make money.