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  • Betty Joyce - They Fired the First Shot

    This book was difficult to put down and difficult to pick up to read as it is not a book that you can spend an hour reading and

  • Kiler Dresden - It does work! But only if your cortisol levels are raised...

    This is very simple. The people that it works for (like me) are the people who have raised cortisol levels! Different people handle stress in different ways, so if it is not working for you its because your cortisol level is fine and there is another reason why you have belly fat. Why does everyone think one supplement works for everyone? Have your cortisol levels checked by your doctor before you take the supplement, don't just try it and say its a bad product! If your cortisol level is fine and you take it,you are LOWERING your cortisol even further and you will experience bad effects like hair loss, acne, and fatigue. I really wish people would use a little common sense before they just "jump in" to a new product or regimen. Sometimes belly fat is simply due to overeating and lack of exercise...

  • Amanda V - So far so good

    This seems to be like other Hyaluronic Serums I have purchased. It's a clear liquid and goes on thin and is easy to spread. It's actually a dropper not a pump. The tip of the cap is the suction thing. Took me a second to figure that out. This make my skin feel healthier, but long term use will actually tell if it's working.

  • Rachel H Lewis - Excellent customer service

    I've absolutely loved my iron! However recently I began having issues with it shutting off by itself while using it. It's less than a year old so I contacted customer service through email about the issue. They were awesome! I had a reply within 20 minutes that stated they were sending a replacement and a prepaid label to return the defective iron. I was shocked. Did not expect such amazing customer service! Fabulous company!!

  • C M Anderson - A great novel about trying to find a better life after the great Ireland potato famine.

    Michael Wallace is a novel genius! This is about two Irish girls after the great potato famine in Ireland who board a ship to America to try to make a better life for themselves near the five points of New York. When Maeve O’Reilly's brother fails to find her after the ship's arrival, she teams up with Victoria MacPherson. It occurs to Victoria that they had only been living less than two miles apart most of their lives but never knew it.

  • George - Perfect!

    I used before the circle damper and I prefer the square damper. more feeling and the racquet's impact is clear.

  • Amazon Customer - I've been counting down until I received this book and ...

    I've been counting down until I received this book and it exceeded my expectations! Delicious, fast, healthy recipes- what more can you ask for?! And the photography is gorgeous. Can't wait to meal plan!