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CSGOSTRONG: Free CS GO Skins - Faster Iteration: I feel as though I could have iterated better, and been faster at pushing content out, it would be easier to be able to move the project forward and be able to release on time. I think that goes for any idea you have, it should be put down somewhere rather than fester in your brain for a long time, it allows for you not get stale, and not budge on later design decisions.

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  • Amazon Customer - Work Great,my son loves it!

    I have read all the review ,and what they said about the GPS is ture,u need to keep the phone number in the right form (+1 XXXXXXXXXXXXXX)and update the app on I have tired AT&T and Tmobile,and T mobile as the seller commended is more stable.As i tested the watch ,it can be accurate within 10 meter(if you have good signal).I have purchased a lot GPS watch for my kids,and i have to say this one is the best.My son have destoried a lot of eletronic ,but for now, this watch still work great,and he loves it!

  • Latoya - A lot to take in

    When you think you have the perfect plan and all, $*** fall apart then on to the next plan...... And these 3 brothers go hard for who they love. Great book.

  • celica - ,,,constant updating notices...

    Pretty good except for the constant questionable updating notices which may or may not be descriptive of an actual operation as evidenced by the alert and the action observed when the visual display is observed.

  • Birdman Silver - Great

    Great item. Love the new Kinect feature's and the graphics are unbeatable. I had some of the sports games on the Xbox 360 and the same game on Xbox one looks 10X better as well as the new features of the console itself. It's a good buy.

  • Prefer2ShopOnline - Excellent

    My naturopath prescribed this to me to help regulate my cycles. I haven't been diagnoses with pcos buty cycles are very irregular and my hoemone levels weren't where they needed to be. I have been taking this regularly for almost a year and my cyles have never been so regular. Ultimately the hope is to get pregnant and while my cycles are now regular there are other issues that need to be addressed for the pregnancy. This product does what it was prescribed to me for and I am very happy with it. It is hard for me to take pills in general but these are average size capsules. They have a bit of a funny after taste and don't smell too great but it just takes a moment to wash them down. I purchase them online because they are about the same price as through my naturopath but savee the 1/2 tank in gas to get there and back and the shipping arrives faster than if they ship it. It arrives in the same bottle and the pills look the same. I only purchase vitamins and herbs online when I've already purchased them through my doctor once to know what to expect.

  • Amazon Customer - Will update but my guess this very nice sales person will turn nasty

    Oh dear - fell for this bs sales pitch too! In NYC-E 55rh-went to grab sample the next thing I'm inside getting the "miracle" eye cream on .... I said I wanted to reasearch first and got a line of "do you see adds for Ferrari? Lamborghini?" Nooo because they don't need to advertise- uggg

  • K. Ann Seeton - Best Written book on Fasting, worth the wait

    THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FASTING is amazing. Clearly written, respectful of the historical traditions it cites, good bibliography at the end of chapters, clear, easy to understand, not puffed up with filler but filled with good information. This book lends itself to short reading sessions AND to sitting for an afternoon enjoying it-- some books are only good in short bits, but this one is as pleasurable to read as a good novel. I hated to put it down and have been carrying it with me so I can read more every chance I get. I pre-ordered it so I got it the first round. If you have to wait-- this book is worth the wait. I can hardly wait to try the techniques in the second part.