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  • N. Wilkinson - This is a great bra

    I love this bra! I first found it in JC Penny's but only bought two, and when I went back to buy a couple more I couldn't find any in my size and color so I went online. It sure was good to find them on Amazon. Now I have to admit part of its appeal is that it fits me, and since I'm rather small that is sometimes tough, especially when I don't want to be squished smaller. This bra has a bit of padding to make me look good, but not enough to get scrunched up after being washed. It also doesn't have enough to qualify as one of those "be a size larger!" bras, which I personally find a little embarrasing. The lace provides a feminine look (so its not the bra equivalent of granny panties), but its not sheer and not especially sexy...just a comfortable, everyday bra. I can highly recomment it for anyone small or average size, however if you're large and past the perky stage it my not provide a lot of support - there are no underwires (which I'm always afraid will set off airport security alarms; although they haven't yet).

  • Dan V - good product, very happy

    These arrived earlier than expected (under a week via USPS). They are Honda OEM parts, with a Honda label on the box. I was able to install them in about 30 minutes. I have a 2005, and I could only slide the receiver blocks into the rails from the back, not the front. The covers on the back were easier to get off, but not easy, it takes some effort, but they should slide straight back and off while pressing in the pin with a small screwdriver on a bit if an angle to get the spring inside pushed back as much as possible. To add a box, I had to do some adjusting of the crossbars, which isn't super smooth once they are already installed. I would advise measuring first rather than trying to slide them after.

  • Feng Xu - It's supposed to let only one ball to get into ...

    It's supposed to let only one ball to get into the throwing-arm, but usually two balls fell in, so I have to put the ball into it one by one, otherwise, it will stuck. It is basically only for a very beginner because it is not powerful enough to throw the ball very far.

  • Emara - It Helped My Workout

    On my quest to better health, I started going to the gym. I would wake up early before most of the town, and drive myself to the gym to exercise. After a few visits, I noticed my knees started hurting. I am still in my twenties so this surprised me. I figured they would need to be stabilized.

  • Roderic L. Olsen - Grounded for Over Three Years

    The book "Earthing" is very well written and I found it so compelling that I could hardly put it down until I had finished it. The DVD documentary "The Grounded" that has recently appeared, and that I have also reviewed, is also very compelling in its own more visual way, helped by the obvious endorsements from scientific and environmental pioneers such as Dr. David Suzuki. The lack of some technical or scientific detail in the documentary, and even the book, complained about by some reviewers is very well compensated for by the much more detailed information continually accumulating on the website of the "Earthing Institute". The story of the originator, Clint Ober, is itself very compelling, and he is to be congratulated for his continued unflagging efforts to bring this major health discovery to the world.

  • John Hollingsworth - Best tax book now in ebook format

    I have bought this tax book almost every year so I have quite a few on my bookshelf. It is great that it now comes in an easily searchable ebook format. I was able to answer my tax questions even faster.

  • Freckles - More detailed but more costly than Israeli Checkpoint

    This set is Waaaaay better than the "Israeli Checkpoint" set that nobody is buying, in which there are, like, no machines, no weapons, and absolutely no action whatsoever since no bad guys can penetrate it.