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  • Amazon Customer - Great!

    Incredible piece of software to have on hand. I especially like that (beyond what a GPS can do), you can enter your starting and ending locations then set your approximate speed. This should be very useful to truck drivers to determine delivery times. The program also allows you to add break times. Once you have your route, you can change your desired drive times, and the program breaks it all down into days of driving, basically giving you a schedule. I don't know if it has truck route only potential, I will need to get back to you on that. But regardless, very useful in my opinion.

  • Samantha - Expected more from Kaplan

    When I bought this review book I though it was actually going to cover topics for NCLEX indepth. However, this is mostly an over view of what you should look at and testing strategies. It does come with a CD with a practice exam. The questions were difficult, but it did help prepare for tougher NCLEX questions. In my opinion you would be better off spending money on a review class like Kaplan or Hurst. I took HURST and found it to be great. Topics were actually covered in the course and practice tests were provided. I know others who took Kaplan and found it helpful as well. I think this book was intended to get you to purchase a review class from Kaplan rather then really prep you to take the class.

  • practicable - stop reading this stuff and buy it !!

    Flawless performance from a superb band. If you are a fan of this kind of music and maybe even if you are not, this purchase is not an option. Some may be as good but none are better