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  • KHF number 1 - NOT FOR ME

    The product did not work for me but my friend is getting some good results so I guess different strokes for different folks.

  • Lucia Ellis - Very satisfied w/the promptness of the delivery date

    Very satisfied w/the promptness of the delivery date. Was delivered right on time. The book has been very useful, filled w/lots of knowledge & great information.

  • Room 888 - Slightly better experience the second time around...but still having issues :(

    I posted a review on this item a little over a year ago, but I've decided to provide an updated version.

  • Catsunami - Nice to apply, but not sure of effect.

    Feels nice when I apply it under my eyes, but to be honest I didn't really notice a difference in dark circle, or puffiness reduction. Then again, I have yet to find something that does help. At least it didn't make my eyes itch! My mom, who is allergic to everything, was able to use it no problem as well. It's a nice moisturizer at the very least, even if quite pricey.

  • Meicheng - Fantastic bit of kit!

    This appears to be a good camera. Once it was fully charged it was relatively simple to set up particularly using Youtube video footage to see what to do. The little booklet is not very easy to understand but basically all I had to do was click on the language icon and change to English and the rest was pre-programmed anyway. Fixing it in the car wasn't too difficult - if a bit fiddly. The camera seems to work well and the pictures look clear.

  • Chelsea1542 - THIS TREATMENT ISN'T FOR EVERYONE!! I'll leave the wart and create scars if it's not for you!

    I had tried almost every treatment possible for my long lasting hand flat wart. I tried duct tape, acidic acid, liquid bandage, the Compound W cream, none of them work worked in any such combination or length of time. I worked with Freeze Away for a couple weeks and it was the worst of them all! I was almost thankful my wart grew back to cover up the scar Freeze Away gave me.