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    If I could give this product zero stars I would. First of all it's a bunch of pushy multi-level marketing fools that have zero clue about skin care trying to make a fast buck. The cream smells so awful and does absolutely NOTHING. It gave me a rash and made me red. Bottom line...if a product is good like La Mer you don't need a lame pyramid scheme to sell this crap. The product would sell itself.

  • Patty Mekus - Publisher 2010

    I have used Publisher 2010 at past jobs and was glad to be able to purchase it to work with at my new job. It is so easy to use and produces quality pieces.

  • Blake - Should have bought this before any other case I tried, haha. It's awesome!

    The textured surface feels good. I really prefer this to a soft silicone or hard plastic. I have the black case and it shows no fingerprints. The case is well molded to the 12' iPad Pro. I have a screen protector on the case and there's absolutely no interference. It has all the normal/standard viewing angles that the much more expensive Smart Cover has. The pencil holder is also quite snug and it's very convenient in daily use. I carry this around as my mobile blogging device as well as a mobile sketchbook, after trying a few combinations of cheap sub $20 cases and much more expensive $100+ cases I feel like this is the one I should have 'picked up in the first place.

  • Teri - WHAT JOKE!!!!

    IF you can get it on and pulled up you might stand a chance...rolling it up over your butt isn't as easy as the video says it is and taking down over your head is impossible....once it's ALL under your boobs because you have to roll it up over itself in order to get it on, you now have to figure out how to get the waist band back down around your hips, (the thin band down)...if you can get it down to your hips...you now have to figure out how to get it to stay down around your hips, problem is, it pinches so tight it bruises ya...walking around for 10-15 minutes with this thing on was soooo uncomfortable that I decided to send it back after just one try....What they need to show in the videos is how someone with size to start with should get into it, pull it up and then work through the 10 minutes they recommend that we wear it for ....Starting out with the person that is already a size 2 makes anything look easy to do...HUGE WASTE of MONEY!!!! I will be sending this back on a fast track to their warehouse....

  • Francesca - Very comfortable, I've only had the chance to exercise in ...

    Very comfortable, I've only had the chance to exercise in these a few times now, but my feet can't complain! They actually make me feel like i can run faster than i could in my old Nikes, so keep that in mind while purchasing. Super light and they look very stylish

  • Erin C. Herich - Dangerous! Do not use on cats!

    Warning! Do NOT use this product on cats! Nearly had to send my 5 month old kitten to emergency. She was lethargic, vomiting and not moving just hours after spraying her with a test spot like it said on the bottle. It's been three days and now her hair is falling out in clumps with dried skin schluffing off. Literally patches of her skin and fur are falling out from only TWO sprays. This company should not be allowed to market this to cats if this is happening to so many. How did this product get past testing trials!!??