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  • junipermn - Would be a good product if it was reliable

    Worked really well for a week, then wouldn't work at all. Light came on in base, light in computer end stayed off, and computer didn't charge. Would be a good product if it was reliable.

  • alex ivanov - Great product

    I purchased this product for my daughter and she loves it. It's a quality product and easy to use and maintain! I would definitely purchase it again.

  • Tiffany - Great product!

    This is a great protein treatment! However, you have to be extremely careful when you use it. It will cause your hair to get extremely hard and will make your hair dry. DO NOT COMB THROUGH IT WHILE IT IS HARD!!!!! I recommend that you use a good deep moisturizer if you are going to use this product. I personally keep the conditioner on for a few hours to make sure my hair gets moisture back in it. I would definitely recommend this product if you are experiencing hair breakage.

  • A. Thompson - The World Ends and We Find Safety

    I watched this video many times; I live the players, all of them and the scenery and their travels...It was exciting to see this version of the end of the world: this country, other countries and all these people embarking on an unknown journey to safety. This was a great movie.

  • Blessed and healthy now - They make you look better, feel A-MAZING and helped me get my fat ...

    Wow, for being a huge skeptic as a health care provider what I found was that these products DO what they claim !! They make you look better , feel A-MAZING and helped me get my fat unhealthy body back to a trim healthy one. The energy is great. There's less caffeine in one Xyng than what's in a cup of coffee so that settles the debate about there being "too much caffeine".

  • Kindle Customer - helps me sleep

    I've been taking calm for a couple of years now, and it DOES help me sleep. I've finally got my "formula" figured out, if this helps anyone. First I start taking basic Calm and splitting the dose between morning and night, but not any particular time as in before dinner, after breakfast,etc,. After a while I switched to the one that adds in calcium and potassium because of all the talk about people not getting enough calcium. Well, after a while on that, I started getting constipated because I go towards that side anyway. The basic calm had really helped that problem. Then I read that you should take magnesium about an hour before you go to bed to help you sleep which is another problem I have. So now I have gone back to basic Calm (magnesium only) and I take half of it in the morning and half about an hour before I go to bed. This takes care of the constipation and the sleep. ps, if you have a lot of anxiety about something before you go to bed, that's a whole different ball game. Some days are just more stressful.

  • tea hamlet - $100 for a two month supply ?

    please don't pay this much for two bottles...if you go to their website you can get 4 for 100$ this is a rip off!