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  • petula winmill - Shifter Origins #1

    Tiger shifter Prince Kael has just witnessed the assassination of his father, and takes off after the killer. It appears to be one of the criminal panthers. In the days following the King's death Kael learns just how divided the different types of shifters that live in the city are.

  • Yanely Fonseca - I love it! I've been using it for about 3 ...

    I love it! I've been using it for about 3 days and can already see hair growth in places where hair did not grow!

  • D. Tibbetts - Didn't like this book.

    Did not like this book. I've read many of Lis Wiehl's books, because I like Christian fiction, and I've enjoyed them, but this book missed the mark in my opinion. Ridiculous scenerios. No hint of Christian faith. Description of Mosques shining in the sun, giving honor to Allah.

  • KatieEm - Not perfect but the most important functionality is there

    I felt like I was taking a chance when I bought this product because the description didn't answer my questions, nor did any of the 'I got this item for free' reviews, which were all that were available at the time I made my purchase. I consider that unideal, but I wasn't about to shell out an extra hundred and something bucks for another version of the same idea; and while I don't normally take the time to write a review, it means you get to read my version of what I wanted to know when I was deciding which sunrise alarm to purchase.

  • J. Carlson - New, Exciting, Glitchy

    I was very excited to see FTM2012 introduce treesync, which has been sorely missed in the last several incarnations of FTM. And it is wonderful! However at present the software is quite glitchy. I've had it for three days and am currently in the process of reinstalling, as I type this review (after two days the program simply stopped opening). In addition, I lost a lot of offline work I had on my computer; if you have old FTM files, the program will automatically back them up, while converting to the new format. However, while backing up the files the program failed and corrupted my work... lost forever! Oh well. I think this will be a fantastic program once the glitches are hammered out. But for now (December 2012) I guess I am paying them to be a beta tester....

  • rita v. - and how this lining becomes like a swiss cheese

    Explains well how the digestion works, how the gut bacteria lining the gut walls digest food and kill pathogens that come with food, and how this lining becomes like a swiss cheese, full of holes when we take antibiotics, stress, etc.

  • S. McBride - PT Toe

    Slow working, but seems to be doping the trick after a year. No matter what anyone claims, only the new growth can be cured. It will not transform your potatoe chip toe, until it moves up and gets cut off.