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  • Jeffrey - ... cardio running during the day and these Nikes feel like I'm running on a cushion

    I do a lot of cardio running during the day and these Nikes feel like I'm running on a cushion. I used to have some knee issues with my previous shoes but the pain has long gone away since my purchase.

  • knowidea - Thank you. It really has made a substantial difference.

    I've tried so many different nootropics, vitamins/supplements I can't even begin to count how many I've tried. Some actually really work, and some I just can't tell what its doing. For example, a bunch of vitamins I really just never know. Now I have some ADHD and I used to take adderall and you can really feel a difference of course. But I hate the side effects. It made me want to smoke cigarettes, plus, I emotionally felt like a zero. I just had no personality. But I was super focused and got things done.

  • Christine Creed Hill - Much better than it used to be.

    Over the years I've tried FTM many times and always found it to be a huge memory hog. I didn't want to pay full price to try it again so I bought this one. I like how it connects with Ancestry.com and I love that it Syncs and downloads all of the images I have attached to my ancestors. For that alone, to me it's worth the money.

  • Amazon Customer - Preliminary Review

    Updated from the 2009 version. All recently new and modified local roads/intersections have been updated. (The most recent local road modification was done about 18 months ago.) The only other modification to the software that I see is that MS has changed the menu icons from multicolor and eye appealing to very flat, basic two-tone blank and white. This obviously doesn't impact the functionality of the software but it just looks like a step backward.

  • Sam Lake - Pleasant surprise!

    Wow...I didn't expect this product to be as effective as it is. Usually I stick with Sisley, but decided to try this one.

  • RA & NB Stevens - This Can Gun works!!

    This device really works. It eliminates paint droplets that occur when your finger gets coated with paint and partially covers the spray nozzle after long periods of spraying. Great solution to cramped fingers and hands.