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Empowered Homeschooler - How to make money with a homeschool blog. The main vision and goal for Empowered Homeschooler is to empower homeschoolers worldwide and help them experience true personal and financial freedom by leveraging the internet.

  • http://empoweredhomeschooler.com/its-time-to-start-hackshooling/ It's Time to Start Hackschooling | Empowered Homeschooler - I came across this video today on the Unschoolery blog and thought it was an amazing TED talk.This 13 year old touched on many points that so many grown ups are simply not even thinking about.This will be 11 of the most enlightening minutes of your day.

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  • Vincent Price - NOT - Great product if you take the time -- "just enough" in the box

    The countertop transformation kit was a bit of a pain (make that a great pain) to use. It put up a lot of dust -- a ton of dust from the two sanding steps. But the results transformed my yucky, 20-year-old countertop into a very nice looking countertop for much less than what I would have had to pay for a new countertop.

  • Robert P - Use the free backup software that comes with most external HD's, not this one!

    Previous versions of Acronis tried to include many whistles and bells and was very confusing to use. This version has finally been made easy to use but it works very poorly.