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Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Facts about endometriosis: symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, pain, fertility, coping, news, support

  • http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/ About endometriosis « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found elsewhere in the body, causing pain and infertility, affecting 176 million women worldwide.
  • http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/symptoms/ Symptoms « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Symptoms of endometriosis include pain with menstruation, ovulation, sexual intercourse and when going to the toilet, infertility, fatigue, chronic pelvic pain, and heavy bleeding.
  • http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/causes/ Causes « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - The cause of endometriosis remains unknown, though there are several hypotheses which are explained here about why some women develop endometriosis.
  • http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/diagnosis/ Diagnosis « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Endometriosis can only be definitively diagnosed through a laparoscopy (visual inspection). Specialists in endometriosis may suspect disease based on symptoms.
  • http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/infertility/ Infertility « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Infertility is a known symptom of endometriosis with many women with endometriosis finding it difficult to get pregnant. Causes of infertility and how to get treated.
  • http://endometriosis.org/endometriosis/adhesions/ Adhesions « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Adhesions are bands of fibrous tissue that are common in endometriosis, both as a result of the internal inflammation of the disease itself, but also as a consequence of surgery.
  • http://endometriosis.org/treatments/ Treatments « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Treatments for endometriosis include surgery (laparoscopy), hormonal treatments (progestins, GnRH, the Pill), pain killers, and complementary therapies such as nutrition.
  • http://endometriosis.org/treatments/endometriosis-surgery/ Surgery « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Surgery (laparoscopy/key-hole-surgery) for endometriosis pain and infertility is a common treatment, but should be done by specialists in gynaecological surgery.
  • http://endometriosis.org/treatments/painkillers/ Painkillers « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Painkillers and NSAIDs are used to treat endometriosis pain but must be taken carefully to avoid pain killer addiction and gastro-intestinal problems.
  • http://endometriosis.org/treatments/oral-contraceptive-pill/ The Pill « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - The (oral) contraceptive pill is used to treat endometriosis and contains a specific low-dose combination of synthetic oestrogen and progestagen (progesterone).
  • http://endometriosis.org/treatments/progestins/ Progestins « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Progestins (progesterone, gestogens, progestogens or progestagens) are commonly used to treat women with endometriosis and can be used longer term than most other hormonal treatments.
  • http://endometriosis.org/treatments/mirena/ Mirena « Endometriosis.org: Global information and news - Mirena (levongorgestrel intrauterine system/LNG-IUS) containing progestagen (progestin) is used as a treatment for women with endometriosis and pain.

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