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  • Amazon Customer - Irrigate your gums, change your dental destiny

    My father had such bad gingivitis that he had some of his gums removed. This man was a diligent flosser and brusher. It was genetic. My mother's side also had issues. So I was left with a probable destiny of dental horror.

  • Mandy Grace - Great Fashion Magazine

    Marie Claire is my favorite fashion magazine because of the fashion and the articles. They actually have interesting articles. I am not 20 yrs old anymore but I feel I can read this magazine and relate to it the same as younger women. Also, Project Runway is one of my favorite shows so I look forward to seeing them in the magazine. Actually I started reading Marie Claire because of it's affiliation with Project Runway.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent

    I am so glad that Dr. Fung has finally published a fasting guide. I have been doing weekly 4 day water fasts for the past year and have seen tremendous results. I love that this book is a fusion of LCHF acknowledging the benefits of fasting. I am so thankful to know that the key to losing fat is simply controlling insulin.

  • jodi0504 - Good stuff - helped with rash

    My son went to college and broke out with a couple pretty nasty rashes. One we believe was caused by Tide Pods, but not sure if something else was causing his skin's protection to break down. He went to a dermatologist over break, and was told not to use scented body washes, and was recommended this product. Love it. It is gentle, and does the job. He'll just have to save the Axe and Old Spice for sprays on his clothes, not put the scent directly on his skin.