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  • Patricia Samar - chi silk infusion

    love this product---really does make hair silky after washing hair---also has a nice flowery smell too; especially good for coarse hair or hair damaged by dying or coloring....

  • Josph Famiglietti - 4.75 stars, but Amazon only gives me integers.

    Hello Amazonians! Time for my annual release-day Nero review. I've been beta testing this release, so my review does indeed come from extensive experience with the software. While Nero gives me a working serial number for my efforts, they don't otherwise compensate me for my review, nor am I an employee of the company. A quick note to make is that I personally don't use a tablet that much, and "mobile device" gets really cumbersome, so if I say "phone", you can fill in the blank to mean "the iOS or Android running device of your choosing". Let's get started, because it's long...

  • Chris - Once again I have to do Intuit's job for them!

    I'm once again doing what I had to do last year. It's pretty bad when I have to constantly send "Suggestions" to Intuit so they can fix the problems with their software. Where's my pay for doing this for you, Intuit? They've even provided a link in the software to do this. How sad is that?!! If it's not report dates not working properly it's missing data information on certain functions of their software or networking issues. For the 4th straight year in a row - I've returned the product, AGAIN, and I guess I will continue to use my 2003 version for another year. (FYI - Other versions I've returned 2011 Enterprise Edition, Pro 2012, Pro 2013, Pro 2014)

  • Amazon Customer - THE best water treatment! Does it all, and it's concentrated so you only need a few drops!

    This is it! This is the water treatment every aquarium owner needs to get. I used probably every other brand, till I found this, I didn't buy anything else since. Here is why. First it does it all, it removes chlorine from tap water, it detoxify ammonia and nitrite (which you'll have in a new tank for weeks) so instead of having a bunch of different bottles to deal with each of things, this one does it all! And does it way better than any other! And the second reason, this one I only need to put (for a 10 gallon aquarium) a few drops, versus the other brands that I had to put like 5 or 10 ml. Each dose, this is because Seachem Prime is concentrated. So a few drops is all you need, so this bottle lasts me 10 times longer than the others did, so your getting way more bang for your buck.

  • Ceara - This is a great cleanse to do a few times per year

    This is a great cleanse to do a few times per year. I love that it's only 7 days and allows you to eat as normal (obviously you should eat as healthy as possible). Just be warned that you will need to stick close to a bathroom in the morning, haha!

  • Rebecca Byrns - Very pleased, took resolve, glad I did it

    If you follow the plan and have a busy lifestyle this is a great solution. It is easy to follow and super easy to put together the protein meals. I have lost 22 pounds in 4 weeks. I feel great. Was it easy? Nope. Was it worth it? Yes. It was manageable for someone who works 40 hours a week plus teaches 10 yoga classes a week. Was a bit tired but that was only because I was getting energy from what was likely spiking insulin levels from a less than optimal diet before I started the program. If you put together this much product at any health food or supplement store the cost would be comparable.

  • T. L. Cummings - Not my favorite interface design, but Tech Support is Awesome!

    I don't mean to sound picky, but I'm tired of software vendors redesigning the screens so that I either can't find what I want because they moved it, or it just doesn't work as smoothly as its predecessor. This is how I feel about QB 2013. It's doing the job, but I wish I could have the familiar interface back.