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  • jaimie ashton - I wish we found this long ago! Best investment in our dogs

    We switched to Zignature about two years ago after being fooled by Blue Buffalo for over ten years. Their grain free is truly grain free! We use Kangaroo for our 3 year old Boxer, 8 year old Bernese Mt dog and 5 month old American Bulldog. Our Boxer has awful food allergies the final straw was when on grain and poultry free Blue Buffalo he got welts that formed and bled!!! After a new bag of food was opened. Lots of vet bills later and a change of food we have a happy guy again

  • LNPCO - Great stroller, super easy to push

    I have to say this is a great buggy for the price. We especially loved how easy this is to push, was MUCH smother than other models we test drove in store. Moves very easy even with our three year old in it and heavy diaper bag in the bottom. Also liked the ability to customize with a different colored sun hood than the red. Was fairly cheap and easy to change ours to all black and gray the way we wanted. I really wish a bar for the front where kiddo sits was included like other models, but can always buy that too as an add on. I would also love to see mountain buggy offer a snack tray for this, have to buy that from a different company for now as a few other fit, but not perfect. Every parent knows you need a place for sippy cup and goldfish crackers!

  • Stephen of Las Vegas - A product with this name was sold in the 1990s!

    This product was heavily promoted for several months on a TV infomercial almost 20 years ago in the 1990s...or at least a product of the identical name and advertising claims. It didn't work then, and from most of the new reviews, it seems to be about the same today. At that time, a second product with virtually the same claims and advertising appeared...I don't recall its name. I wouldn't be surprised if they were both from the same source. Buy one of doesn't work. So try the other one also.

  • Is Bin - My Workhorse

    First I have to thank the Amazon reviewers for leading me to this pan. I have and treasure one just like it and despaired of ever finding another. A careful reading of comments about this pan and I realized it is exactly what I was looking for. The reason I love this light weight yet sturdy pan is that I often use it to bake recipes that require me to cut in the pan (i.e. baklava, family sized pizzas), so all of those lovely non-stick coated pans would be quickly ruined if I used them. I have a pan drawer full of brand name non-coated sheets that are heavy gauge combinations of aluminum and steel, but they are not dishwasher friendly (ugly dulling) and "heavy" is no misnomer, they are bulky and heavy. I needed another light weight and dishwasher safe workhorse, and this is it. Now, I have read that some people are very concerned about warping. I won't kid you, I do hear this pan "Ting" in the oven and there is a slight bit of warping. I will attest, however, that I have never had a sheet cake or any other baked good come out of the oven with a crack or any sign that the small amount of warping has harmed the baked good. Finally, I love this pan because I do not have to treat it with kid gloves when it comes to cleaning it. Since it is not a non-stick pan, that baked on cheese will need some soaking and scrubbing before the pan is placed in the dishwasher. I can do "no fear scrubbing" because this pan can take it. Sure, it will quickly lose its youthful mirror like appearance, but a well worn tool is beautiful in its own way.

  • Devin.M - It does work

    I was quite impressed with this product, it sure beat shaving. For those who are reading the warnings all around this review, yes, veet does have a dark side to sensitive skin, more like burning your skin off. For legs, stomach, chest, arms, and back its ok. But as for the face, and other areas that your probably buying this product for will give you quite an unforgettable experience. So if you think you're man enough to get over six minutes of stinging chemicals in your sensitive areas, think again. If you experience burning, it won't stop once you remove the cream so keep that in mind before doing something stupid. Oh and if you think this product gets rid of hair permanently, it doesn't. It only dissolves the hair down to the roots giving a sharp feeling afterwards. So if you're trying to get rid of the hair permanently, go for the veet for men waxing strips, you'll have a better chance than this.

  • J. Huff - Thank you for carrying this product! Much cheaper than in stores.

    Stops the burning and frequency of a bladder infection fast. Or sometimes a little "Honeymoon Cysitis. I've used this for years.