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  • heidi - Utter stupidity

    I am giving this seat a 2 and not a 5 because of the utter stupidity of the company of putting two gigantic warning patches on each side of where the baby's head is. So, instead of the soft grey fabric you see in the photo, you have two large (about 6 in by 3 in) ugly uncomfortable (I imagine) patches next to each of the baby's cheeks. Seriously, of all the places where Baby Jogger could have put these patches, why did they choose there? Plus, forget about taking any cute pics of your baby in the car seat... Frustrated as I have just spent the last 90 mins removing just one patch stitch by stitch as it is very securely sewed in. And the fabric is now full of the marks from the seams so now it just looks damaged. :(

  • LoRe - stinks

    This stuff reeks, even after it dries. If you want your house to smell like a cheap hotel room, this is the way to go. Leaves a waxy film, does not clean spots.

  • Jeni - Great present

    I bought this for my niece and nephews for Christmas. They've been wanting this one because it has a lot of they're favorite songs on it. They were super pleased to receive it! Also very fast shipping; within a few hours it was being shipped.

  • Diablo - Great vehicle cabt beat it

    Love this vehicle and all of its features. Definitely worth the upgrade to the 3 piece removable hard top. Great off road and on. Smooth riding and decent sound system. Glad I purchased it.

  • Gregory D. Rose - Do not buy Quicken 2014!!!!!

    If I could give it ZERO stars I would! I've been a Quicken user for years. Bought this new version, entered a ton of data only to have it crash and then be unable to open it again. Spent HOURS on the phone with their "tech support" only to find there are NUMEROUS issues with this software that causes it to crash AND that they don't yet know how to fix them. This is FRAUD! They are selling a bad product with many known issues and not warning consumers that they very well could be completely screwed over by Quicken just like I WAS. NEVER AGAIN will I buy another Intuit piece of software. I'm done with Turbo Tax too. Who knows how their half passed software developers will screw up my taxes.

  • DJRAMBO954 - I love this monitor!!!

    I really like this monitor. Text is razor-sharp, colors are accurate, and viewing angle is great. The IPS technology is clearly superior to TN panels. The only adjustment I made was to reduce the brightness -- otherwise, it was perfect right out of the box. The price was very reasonable for a high-quality IPS monitor, and I highly recommend it.