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  • shortcake1210 - Very helpful in my studies.

    If you are about to take your NCLEX-RN this is one of the best book to get. I read this book page to page and I know it helped me pass my NCLEX. I especially loved the strategies given to help you answer some types of question. I struggled with psych questions during my Hesi and Exit exam and the strategies given in this book almost made me an expert at them! I highly recommend it. However, this shouldn't be the only book you should have to prepare you for the NCLEX. Buy another book, software, or program that includes online practice questions because you should mainly practice online question to prepare you for the NCLEX. Hope this helps, and I wish you all the best of luck.

  • Anonymous - Sales people like Piranha!

    I had a very aggressive sales person at the mall today hand me a sample as I walked by. She then literally pulled me into the store and started her spiel. Very fast talking, overcoming all of my objections. Before I knew it, she swiped off my makeup under one eye and stuck on some product under that eye. Asked my age and flattered me..pulled out all of the stops. As she was talking, I noticed an older lady in the back corner of the store who was being barraged with very aggressive tactics by 2 sales people . They were talking to her harshly and were up in her face. It was alarming to see the look on this poor helpless senior citizen's face! She looked frightened. I immediately shut my sales person DOWN and stormed out of the place. The product under my eye remained like cement until I got home and removed it. Awful experience, awful under eye product. Beware!