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  • ominya - it also gives a sound but not that loud anyways as long as he satisfied i am all good

    i bought this for my brother i honestly don't understand anything about cars but my little bro loving it he said it gives strength to his car. it also gives a sound but not that loud anyways as long as he satisfied i am all good

  • ronashkar - The Worst Yet

    MS Word has gotten progressively worse over the years, and the 2007 and 2010 iterations are just abominable. Nothing is intuitive, and the infinite # of variations that ms has worked into every option makes this program absurdly complicated. Those variations have are also full of mistakes and dead ends. One example. Say you want to insert comments in a document. Okay, and say you want to print those comments as they appear on the page on the screen. Simple one would think. After all, you're in "print layout," which presumably means: what you see here is what you'll see when the document prints. Not quite. Comments don't appear, only the grey area where they would appear had they printed. You go back into the program and check everything. Still no dice. Then you type your problem into Google. Many, many people w/ the same problem. "Go into options," "make sure printer option includes "print markings," "Go into "Display" under "options," etc.... After two hours, I gave up. That's just one of four score problems I've found in the last two months of working with this program. I'm back to Word 2003.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing

    Nicole Jackson you never disappoint!!!! The wait was definitely worth it.. I'm so happy that you don't put out those little short stories...I really enjoyed this book and how you included Taraj and Taz I was wondering what happen to them after the incident of Promiscuous Girl 2... Any who Wale is my new book bae. Wale and Keyasia are CRAZY but I love them lol

  • Ronald Morris - Four Stars

    Succinct, complete, creative, and occasionally appropriately sarcastic! Need to be operating an Autocad system concurrently with reading the text.

  • A. Trotter - Seems to work for me

    So I've spent the past 2 years in an enviroment that got me thouroughly sick on a regular basis, and I'm now intimately familiar with the progression of irritating bugs and viruses in my body. Went home for a visit, complained about being sick all the time; my mother-in-law raved about this stuff. Whole family was there for the holidays (mostly in the one house) and fighting off a bug, I fully expected to get whatever it was as per the past couple years - I was not terrifically enthusiastic about trying a vitamin supliment instead of the usual but I like her so I tried it. I never did get sick, despite living in a house packed full of coughing, runny-nosed family. It was sort of a nice surprise. So for the past couple months, every time I get the start of a fever or the icky feeling that being sick gives me, I've popped one of these into a glass - and it goes away. It's been really nice not getting sick so much.

  • J. Ernest Green - Great grinder for the money

    This is a really great grinder for the money. Sometimes the grind is a little inconsistent but with some patience you will get a nice grind and awesome coffee. I would buy this again.

  • Bianca - Reviews seem fake!!!

    Why are all the 5 star reviews not "Amazon verified reviews" ? Meaning, the same person could keep coming back and writing how "amazing" this tea is. Just something to think about.