Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation - A non-profit organization formed to provide services to a medically under-served area of Guatemala.

  • Friends of the Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation - By becoming a Friend of the Medical Project, you are making a difference in the world.
  • GFMMF Mission and Goals - The mission of the Glens Falls Medical Mission Foundation is to develop a sustained effort to work with the people of one area in the developing world.
  • How to Help the Glens Falls Medical Mission - Our mission is to provide not only medical care, but long lasting changes to this community, and to empower the local people to help themselves.
  • Trip Planning Tips - A few helpful hints to assist you in preparing for your medical mission trip and to make the experience as comfortable as possible.
  • Medical Mission Student Opportunities - The Glens Falls Medical Mission is accepting high school and college student volunteers.
  • Upcoming Events - Annual fundraisers, meeting dates, and other Glens Falls Medical Mission events.
  • Your Donation Of... - Helpful, generous donations to the medical mission will help those in need in Guatemala.
  • Project Guatemala | Chronicle Article - An article by Whit and Joyce Butterfield describing their experiences on a mission trip to Guatemala.
  • Tribute to Connie - The following is a collection of tribute letters from members of our mission teams about our dear friend Connie who we recently lost to illness this past winter.

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