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  • Kevnbro - Ticks Abound!

    I suppose customers who gave 5 stars for this product either have few ticks in their yards or none at all. Those of us living near tick infested woods however don't seem to be too terribly impressed with Bayer's new product. Our Australian Shepherd is covered with ticks daily even though he's been wearing his Seresto collar (we paid close to 80 bucks for) for close to a month. Almost a month in and we're already back to a topical tick treatment. I'd like my money back please.

  • Michelle - Zapped me out of a slump!

    I have been under a lot of stress this year. In addition, I found out through genetic testing that I have MTHFR and that I need to take methyl forms of B-12 and folic acid. After weeks of extreme fatigue and sleeping problems, I started this a week before a big exam that I spent 4 months studying for. Immediately my sleep improved and I remember my dreams after so long of not really dreaming. I finally was feeling alert and able to get some really good studying in. I'm pretty sure this saved me and I ended up passing my exam!! I started to take another dosage in the afternoon and tolerate it well. My body must have been extremely deficient. Another great thing is that I have no mood swings, even during that time of the month. All this B-12 has calmed me down and I feel at peace on it. I would be an absolute mess if I didn't start taking this 6 weeks ago!

  • Jen H. - Great All Natural Remedy to Help Sleep

    I ordered biolife Extra Strength Sleep Aid: Sweet Dreams Formula because I occasionally have trouble falling and staying asleep. I have tried several different sleep remedies that have ranged from essential oils to prescription medication. I liked that biolife Extra Strength Sleep Aid: Sweet Dreams Formula are all natural, which is why I wanted to give them a try.

  • Jess - Great taste and you will lose some weight.

    Tastes great, like a slightly sweet pineapple juice, and even though I cheated with a fast food dinner, I still lost 2 pounds on the first day. Today is my second day and if I lose 2 more, I will be happy.