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  • Mack the Knife - Durable but not all that comfortable to wear.

    Very durable compared to other chin Straps I have bought. It's not as comfortable as I had hoped. I think this is due to its not being shaped very well as it doesn't contour to the ears and cheeks all that well. I would have given it 5 stars if it weren't for this issue.

  • Kerowyn - rodent smodent.... wasted $

    The mice on the patio made a nest WITH the contents of the pouches. Didn't repel a singe rodent. I had to get rid of rodent the old fashion way with a twist. Tore out the paneling on the patio, cleaned out the nests, and then repaneled with hardie board. Live and learn.

  • Dave - not bad but nothing different from the rest

    Some interesting material, but like many of the other car magazines the vehicles featured are usually geared for the very wealthiest of car owners, which becomes somewhat redundant after a while.

  • Eve E. Brown - Pimple care does not get easier!

    I bought this for my 12 year old son with pretty severe acne. Within a week or two of sleeping on this pillowcase, there was a marked improvement in his skin. He loves not having to do any work to take care of himself, and I love the no-chemical, completely easy acne care. Could everything be this easy?

  • Joyce M Rosen - Luminess Air needs to be out of business

    In August of last year I saw a very enticing and attractive ad on the net. The ad was so suductive that I didn't look at the fine print. The mahine and the make-up came to my home and I practiced working with the products for about 5 week. The machine did not fuction in a proper manner and the make-up begain to irrate my skin. I was not happy and spoke to the company aout returning the machine for a refund. I was told that I could pay to send back the machine but, no refund. I have spent over$300.00 on [email protected]#$%.