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  • List appointments -- Green215 - Medical marijuana physicians providing cheap and professional evaluations for proposition 215 patients. Compassionate pot doctor clinic that provides medical marijuana ID cards.  
  • Medical Cannabis Recommendation Card Clinics Santa Rosa, Marin -- Green215 - Serving all Marin, Sonoma County. Leading legal MMJ doctors for your marijuana prescription needs. Best 420 evaluation. Many towns, northern CA.
  • Our Founder -- Green215 - Medical marijuana doctor Hanya Barth's background and the history of Compassionate Health Options and Green 215. More than just a pot doctor, Dr. Barth is an alternative wellness practitioner and medical counsellor. 
  • Legality -- Green215 - For Prop 215 patients (HS 11362.5) with legal questions CHO has document resources available on our website: Moreover, Compassionate Health Options has In-House legal resources for its patients who have had an issue with law enforcement questioning your status as a medical marijuana patient.  
  • What to Expect -- Green215 - What to expect when getting your Prop. 215, medical marijuana ID Card from Compassionate Health Options, an affordable pot doctor clinic in 13 locations throughout Northern California. Avoid the "cheap" marijuana cards and get a trusted medical marijuana recommendation, get Legal Today! 
  • American Public Opinion on Marijuana is Changing – Here's How -- Green215 - Seemingly every day, we hear reports about the growing wisdom and acceptance surrounding the use of cannabis in not just the United States, but also around the world. We'll be updating our blog regularly to keep our patients and the general public informed about all sorts of developments. Bookmark us!

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