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  • S. Schwartz - Great Book balanced with Great Information

    I read this book end to end last week. I wanted to read it carefully before making any serious changes. I was diagnosed with PCOS (after years of symptoms) last year. I was never told that insulin resistance is a complication of PCOS until a few weeks ago after annual blood work. I was Pre Diabetic. So I started the hunt to educate myself. This is the only book that represents explanation for all of my issues.. PCOS, Pre Diabetes and being overweight. It is a clear read. Explains in great detail how the body functions and how to fix it. I have been food linking for about a week and noticed immediatly that I was sleeping all night. I weighed myself this morning and found that I weighed 4 lbs less. I am eating more, eating more often and actually having bread or rice. It feels like Freedom! If you have PCOS, Pre Diabetes or even weight gain that is difficult to lose.. try this book!

  • Dave - Excellent grinder, nothing like fresh ground beef!

    This is a great meat grinder! The suction base very firmly grips on to the countertop with just a simple twist - no amount of cranking or pushing caused it to shift even a little bit. Another thing I really love is that everything except the base comes completely apart, and it's very easy to put in the dishwasher and get everything super clean. There were a few times that I had to crank this harder than others, but that was mostly with more fatty meat that didn't want to go through the grinding plates as easily. They also include a coarse and fine grinding plate so you can get more control over how your ground meat is coming out (I tend to prefer the fine, the coarse left too many larger chunks for my taste). Also since it comes apart it's nice for storage - it doesn't have to take up a ton of room either! Great alternative to buying store ground beef, you can really control what you're putting into your meals! I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review

  • tami28501 - This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair

    This product is very nice and has worked well in my hair. My hair tends to be dry and lifeless from using a blow dryer and being middle aged my hair is dryer anyway. I have used this product about once a week since I received it and have very much been impressed with the look and feel of my hair.

  • Devaugn - It's really good but it does in fact cause a lot of ...

    It's really good but it does in fact cause a lot of shrinkage, this product is best for being used with gel and a twist out

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointing

    This book was so disappointing. First of all the book received was not the same edition as the preview. It was NOT the new and lengthened book. Basically, you don't get what you pay for. Secondly, I found the characters so irritating and juvenile. You can only take so much of teenage dramas. Young (very young) adult book. Seriously, stay away from this book.

  • [email protected] - Disappointed

    The DVD was missing from the book and the online link to the diagnostic tests took us to an error page.

  • Brylee - Tons of fun!!!

    This game is tons of fun for the entire family, even my two year old gets into it. I love that it has dances that 3-4 people can do together. The music is great and has a huge variety.