Dermatology skin care and informatics by Bell Raj Eapen - Informatics and Dermatology with skin deep and applied informatics blogs along with ONTODerm and knowledgebase

  • Bell Raj Eapen - Key skills and areas of expertise - Health Informatics Researcher and Dermatologist: Are you are an investor looking forstartup ideas in eHealth and Health Data Analytics?
  • Docpg - Dental and Medical PG Entrance MCQ Database - Docpg is a mcq database for dental and medical pg entrance with monthly mock exams and random paper generator
  • ONTODerm - A domain ontology for dermatology - Dermatology Ontology / Lexicon in the OWL format. ONTODerm can be imported into Protege.
  • Virtual Dermatologist - An RDF Based Dermatology CDSS. - Virtual Dermatologist - An RDF Based Dermatology CDSS based on DermKnowledgeBASE.
  • eDermatology - Bringing eHealth to Dermatology : /charm/index.php - Research methods, articles and resources in clinical / cosmetic dermatology and eHealth - /charm/index.php
  • PeelScore(TM) grading system - PeelScore is a grading system for dermatological devices, products and journal articles.

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  • MIBlue - Lucky Peach

    Great discussions from which I can learn. Have not tried to sook anything from here, but have learned a lot!

  • Susan K - Not Sure . . .

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