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  • Priscilla DiNatale - gets you ready for the exam

    Our daughter needed this for the nursing entrance exam & made 100 on math & 96 on a different section the first time she took the test. So I would say this was worth it

  • Kenneth C Bayne - Not really a book

    Very disappointed. This book was much smaller than a postcard in size. Too small to read. Very deceptive picture. Not what I expected to receive. Feel ripped off.

  • Tim C - Wireless and Rechargable! Handy Motion Activated Light!

    This is the fifth light of this type I have bought. They are all from different vendors and some have a different branding but they are all pretty much the same light. These lights are awesome and do exactly what they are advertised to do. This paticular one is a little different as it does not take batteries. This light has a built-in rechargable battery that you charge via a standard USB connector. There are so many uses: Closet, cabinet, gun safe, camper, garage, hallway, bathroom, bedroom as a night light, etc. This light will not come on if there is sufficient light in the room. It will only illuminate if it is dark and it senses motion within about 3 meters. The light is made from aluminum and hard plastic. Very durable. The light has a magnetic strip that has a 3M adhesive tape. Install the magnetic strip with the adhesive to the surface you want to mount the light on and then the light clings to the magnet. You can remove the light to replace batteries as needed. I review products and have had the opportunity to receive a few of these from various vendors at a discount in order to evaluate and provide an unbiased review. I received this one at a discount as well. I will continue to request them from different vendors to build up a nice supply of them but when that honey-pot runs dry I plan on purchasing a few more at full price. At full price these are worth it. I would literally like to have 20 or so for my personal use and then I will most likely buy more for Christmas gifts. These lights are truly awesome!

  • G. D'Attilio - Does What I Says

    Other than wiping off the disgusting tangles of hair, it works perfectly. I didn't experience any redness that others have.