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  • Cynthia Delgado - Great for Engineering Wooden Floors

    If I could give this product 10 stars, I would!! I bought the stick that goes with this product and it works great! I have engineering wood in my house and this product is great for cleaning at least 2-3 bedrooms, then I have to get another clean one but it smells so good! Leaves your floors super clean! I would recommend using the broom that goes with the stick and is interchangeable with the mop/broom feature. The broom comes with the wipes that are dry and cleans up A LOT! Overall, I would definitely recommend this product!

  • Scott - "No-Brainer"

    For all of the negative reviews I read, I was thankfully surprised that this item was simply "plug and play." I am NorthEast USA and receive internet via Time Warner. When trying to 'set-up' this device, I found that I didn't have to. I did not have to 'reprovision' my modem - the firmware was already up-to-date. IP flood detection was already disabled. The cable strength is strong and consistent, as is the WiFi signal - I do not have to restart/reset the cable modem. My TV streams NetFlix effortlessly, and my mobile devices receive a stronger signal - from further away, compared to my former Cisco router (also 802.11n).

  • Sara M - Made the most AMAZING difference in my oak kitchen cabinets

    Made the most AMAZING difference in my oak kitchen cabinets! My cabinets and woodwork are not in bad shape but needed a little TLC after years of use. Restor-A-Finish is fantastic! I read tons of reviews and wasn't sure what to expect but the product exceeded my expectations. I applied with 0000 steel wool and finished with the Howard Beeswax product...they look like new. It definitely brings out the grain of the wood and improves the appearance immensely. Does take a bit of elbow grease but it's completely worth it for the results! Very happy customer!

  • kps27 - Works for me!

    This stuff works. I used it on a small area of my treated-wood deck as a test, and over time the wood lightened and the mildew faded. I also use it on my white aluminum gutters and there's a definite difference. Tried it on some plastic lawn furniture and a section of my roof and it cleaned those as well. Have patience, it doesn't happen immediately but over time you will see it working. I used up this bottle and ordered another larger one.

  • GBoswell - I like these knives

    I think the knives are actually Henkel knock offs but they are very good. I did receive one more knife than I had slots for in the block but I dont mind. They have very fine serated edges that cut very nicely. since the edges are serated they won't need sharpening unless you abuse them. I have no intention of doing that so it is a mute point.

  • John J Spert - Glad to have it.

    The screen has a smooth, slick surface that makes dragging simple. There's no loss of touch sensitivity. Since it's glass, I know that I'll be able to use alcohol wipes safely. (The plastic screen I used to have got slightly "bumpy" from using a wipe.) Between the printed instructions that came in the kit, and the videos on their website, installation was easy. The included suction cup really helped and I appreciated having it.The only thing I'd consider a downside is that I couldn't just lift a corner to remove a speck of dust without the whole thing lifting up. But that's a flaw that comes from its virtues, since the rigidity of the glass makes the installation simple which meant that I had no worries about wrinkles occurring. Overall, I'm glad I bought it to replace what I had.