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  • Preventing Sickness in Daycare and Preschool - Starting preschool or daycare can special time for kids. It is also a time when kids are in close proximity and germs are spread. Here are some ideas to help.
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  • Eating Disorders in Teenagers - Teen Eating Disorders: A dangerous dieter is not quite a victim of an eating disorder, but they certainly aren’t pursuing a healthy lifestyle when it comes to diet and exercise. Learn the warning signs and head them off before it is too late.

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  • deerock - What a waste of money for a new QB logo and little else

    I just paid $190 for a new Quickbooks Logo. How do I feel about this? lousy. My accountant insisted that I update from 2015...which worked fine. and then I found that when I updated, it is just a new logo that is the difference....OH, and I get a FREE YEAR of their online service! whippee! really? I didn't want a free year or a free day of your online service. I don't want it at all. Is this what I actually paid for? What is happening at Intuit? Are you all on vacation? Did you all go do your jobs at home and are spending your time playing with your kids? I am TRULY DISAPPOINTED. What a waste of money, don't spend your hard earned $ on this update.

  • Jodi Colpitts - live

    i ordered 3 cds from them this one included a dvd to watch of the performance which i have not watched yet. this was my least fav out of the 3, the other 2 were great!

  • C. Rinkel - wen hair care

    I love the Wen cleansing conditioner as well as all of the products. The service was great as usual but I do have a couple of suggestions... Make a larger size in the styling creme. I use it everyday and a larger size would not only be more economical for all of us who use it daily but I wouldn't have to pay for shipping so often. Also, I think the label needs to have larger print as to what it is. I ordered the cleansing conditioner by mistake. I was trying to order the styling creme and for the life of me I thought that's what it was until I went to use it.One last question... Are you ever going to be in Sephora or Ulta so I don't have to pay shipping all of the time?? Thanks!

  • Appalachianlass - Overpriced, but 7 year-old child enjoys

    My 7 year-old daughter was excited to received this gift. Makes mechanical noise when eyes open and close. A bit overpriced for what the toy actually does.

  • Patty G. - Best supplement ever !

    I have been taking these pills for almost a year now. I take two every morning. I get 100% Vitamin C, the added protection of the cranberies and the extra bonus of the probiotic. I believe the probiotic helps keep me regular also. I tried other pills but these are my #1 choice. Would highly recommend!

  • Fred E. Compton - Microsoft is getting greedy

    Product is top quality but I have some grudges against Microsoft for the following: 1) Can be used on only one computer. 2) This is just a paper card with the product code. You have to download the product from 3) Can't purchase a second licence as you have to purchase another download at full price. 4) Does not have all the features as office 365. 5) Microsoft is PUSHING their customers to office 365 so they can charge you a yearly fee. Not cool