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  • Sam Cushman - You'll need additional resources but it's nice to have these practice tests because they are college ...

    It's only practice tests. But by reviewing material within the questions you can create a study guide. You'll need additional resources but it's nice to have these practice tests because they are college board approved

  • Billy24 - Wow. This Even Worked in Southern California.

    In an area where it's very hard to get grass to grow without spending a fortune on water, this grass just grew beautifully. My yard is a gorgeous, deep green - and is in stark contrast to the burned out, pale-looking Bermuda grass on the rest of my street. Highly recommend.

  • E. Beaulac - A Mirror Unto Our Own Mortality

    It's difficult to know precisely how to judge an item such as this. On the one hand, it is massive, as advertised, and it is Ultra HD, as advertised. But the other night, when watching my beloved Knicks lose yet again, when I noticed the high definition forlornness of Carmelo Anthony, erstwhile hope of New York. He shook his (life size) head, disappointed in his team’s performance, fighting back tears. He was falling apart.

  • Mona Lisa - Takes time to use but well worth it !!

    I am hooked and I stock up. These are the best. Most reviews that are negative must not be using it correctly. It does take time to get used too. And it also takes time to get use to removing it. Once you know where it sits , removing is a breeze. I love the freedom because you can wear whatever you want and no heavy pad or tampon. Once these are in place correctly you do not feel them, if you feel it then its not in correctly ! You need to get use to how often you need to change the cup. I like that you have no mess and no smell like standard pads. Take the time to know how to use them and you too will love them.

  • mother of twins, Atlanta - Successfully using it for underwater pictures, but not my favorite device

    Early adopter here. Not enjoying the Yocam all that much. It's not awful. I got it primarily to take pictures underwater. And it does that, and some of the pictures are really good. Here's what I'm not enjoying. 1. I can't remember if the blue or the red light means video vs picture, and keep using the wrong mode. The mode needs to be more clearly indicated on the camera somehow. 2. The software is not easy to understand, and there's no efficient way to move pictures from the camera to anywhere else. The software can connect the camera to my iphone, but the only way to actually move the pictures is to select them one at a time and move them in small batches. Don't know the maximum that can be moved, it has successfully moved 9 at a time and jammed when I tried to move 35. But in the water with my kids I took a few hundred and needed to be able to weed out the good ones quickly - couldn't do it. It needs a "move all" feature, or an eye-fi type system where it can connect to the computer directly. The only other way to get the pictures off, it seems, is to put the microSD card into an SD adapter and connect it to your computer, which is very 2002, and even though I bought a brand new microSD card for this purpose, I cannot get it to communicate with my computer at all. This is the fault of the card (or the adapter, or my reader), not Yocam, but just using this technology in 2016 seems ridiculous to me and I was very surprised to see it. 3. The pictures are fisheye, which is weird outside the pool (but ok in the pool). The view range on the pictures is abnormally shortened vertically, and of course there's no way to look through this device to see what it's seeing, so most of the pictures I take blindly cut off the kids' heads. Sorry the first Amazon review is not awesome. I'll probably use it this summer then try another device.

  • Amazon Customer - Ummmm

    Not the best and not the worst, felt kind of cheesy. Sad to say it wasn't really memorable. At least it has a happy ending