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  • jimmc13 - Very Informative

    I hate to say I love it because it is about her. Important work regardless due to the amount of effort put into it.

  • C. Doane - Excellent documentary

    This was an excellent documentary. After seeing it I ordered a personal DVD of the film. If more people had viewed this before the last Presidential election maybe our country would not be in the mess it is in now.

  • J. Hansen - Good, if a little short of miraculous.

    It has been a positive experience, but not as dramatic an improvement as others have enjoyed. Our Boots dipped below 9 lbs. and is about 10.5 now. He had been 15. Still it's the difference between skeletal and healthy looking. No vomiting, anymore than normal cat vomit. Also I feel better about our other cat, should he finish up for Boots. With the medication, there is danger of the other cat becoming Hypo vs hyper-thyroid if he gets into it. I saw no such cautions about Thyroid Gold. I've recommended it to a relative with a cat a little farther gone, hoping for a turn around.