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Country:, Europe, GB

City: -2.2 Cheshire East, United Kingdom

  • Peter - Cross Dressing

    I have no problem with cross dressing per se. Especially in cartoons, but I feel it should have been mentioned in this items description that it has cross dressed charecters for every month. Basically it is not fun to look at, and who wants a calender that is not fun to look at?

  • Ruby Hinkleberry - Love thicker than a wall

    I loved this book. How Dare and Ayda met was so simple but funny. Who really thinks of their neighbors like that. With them being able to hear everything you do. I feel for Ayda. She had a difficult life. Tragedy usually tears a person down, not only physically but mentally as well. Although she continued to live, she wasn't really living. Just going thru the motions. Until Dare started chiseling through her walls.

  • Slimer - are you a god?

    I enjoyed this book enough to be excited for the next trade. It incorporates the movies, cartoons, and even the video game. You will have fun being in on the inside jokes if you have been following the ghostbusters throughout the years.