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  • MC Phillips - Terrific & comfortable chairs - NOT for the beach

    These are great chairs for lounging - very comfortable & well made. Based on other reviews, I purchased them for a trip to the beach...BUT...after dragging them to and from the beach I can say without a qualm that these are really impractical for the beach unless you are staying right ON the beach. They are rather heavy (and just get heavier the farther you have to carry them). The metal (I got black chairs) also gets extremely HOT in the sun, so you can burn your legs or arms if you brush up against it after sitting in the sun for a while. They do dry quickly if they get wet, and again, they are VERY comfortable to sit in/lounge in, but my recommendation would be to keep them at home or perhaps for a sporting event where the walk from the car to the field is fairly short. My 19-year-old daughter could not carry this chair for more than about 50 feet on her own at the beach, which gives you some idea of the weight.

  • Mickey Fountain - Supple does not work as it is advertised

    I used the product daily for 30 days with no results with my arthritis pain. The product is advertised to help arthritis which is a false statement in my situation.

  • markb - F*** Tom Cruise...

    Rebecca DeMornay TOOK that movie, and her scene in the train to this steamy-slow number will live forever. NEVER fails to make the heart skip a beat....