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  • Kristen Brasil - Love the way this makes my hair feel

    Love the way this makes my hair feel! It makes it so soft and shiny even my boyfriend noticed! Also, I hardy do anything to my hair heat wise so in the morning if I put a little in my hair it makes it look like I blew it out a little since it tames the flyaways and smoothes everything out.

  • Ringhio - Great stuff !

    I bought this compound W freeze off wart removed and I bought some acid ,that was like in group of few top rated wart removers. I was using acid, it left me a scar that is like 4-5 times bigger than the wart was, and I was using this freeze off wart remover, it did removed all the warts, left no scar, and it was almost painless ! First apply it on wart, wart becomes red, after 24 hours becomes black, after 48 hours it falls of, after falling of it leaves some irritated skin on that spot, but after a few days it goes back to normal. None of the warts that I removed with this Compound W freeze off wart remover came back ( thanks to God and lab people that made this ), just in case few days ago I bought another 2. If you looking for wart remover that you can use on your whole body, not worrying about leaving a scars and stuff like that, buy this, and don't look for acids !

  • Amazon Customer - I bought these after a bad brow wax

    I bought these after a bad brow wax. I am surprised to say it's working. I am seeing rapid regrowth. I am also seeing growth in an area that has a small scar! The lash serum doesn't seem to be working as quickly. It is easy to apply but if it gets into the eye it will burn briefly.

  • letha pettys - great study guide

    This book has a lot of information. It explains everything in detail. It goes through all the rules and regulations one by one. It has every thing you need to study for your cdl test. You use this study guide I'm pretty sure you will get a passing grade.

  • Crystal - Don't hesitate to purchase this bike!

    I was a little reluctant to purchase this bike because of the lack of reviews. I did anyway, since I couldn't find any negative reviews anywhere on the internet. Bike arrived in excellent shape, contrary to many stories I have read about damaged boxes and product.

  • KRISTIN B - Never Changing

    I had a laminate floor installed several months ago. The floor marks easily and even gets little scratches on it from the dogs nails. I had my floor guy come out thinking I would replace a badly marked piece with one left over, and he said "before we go to all that trouble, lets try this" and wet a rag with Bona and wiped it. Presto, the marks were gone. When I clean the floor with this product it looks brand new - clean and shiny. I can't imaging what is going on with folks that say it leaves a film, certainly not on my floor! (though, if my mop get dirty and and don't rinse or change soon enough, there will be little lines of dirt/film that the product has obviously raised and gathered on the mop - so maybe their floor was really dirty?) I actually look forward to floor cleaning now because it looks so nice when I'm done (can't believe I said that). I highly recommend it - I buy it by the gallon. Hope it works for you too.

  • Jessica A Warren - Not Classic Sorry

    This game has an updated twist using fire and ice rings and only has 3 pawns for each color. I haven't really read the directions to see what it's all about.