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  • M. Lariviere - Great product

    Great product. Nav and satellite radio work with no issues. Installation is as easy as it gets - unscrew old antenna and screw on The Stubby Jr. My truck now fits in the garage.

  • Kindle Customer - Awesome

    Lucinda, Suga! This book was everything. I had to stop and pick it up because my heart was all over it.. smh Macy and Robert deserved everything they got and Joie, she was just bitter and crazy.. I'm glad Emma finally found and love as well as Tiny... thank you..

  • Amazon Customer - Not Good

    Tried this based off of other reviews, I WISH I hadn't. It made my skin worse and it hurt on top of that.

  • Book Obsession 07 - Great deal - one new shorty and 3 other AR books!

    Loved the new shorty story - 5 stars! Just what I wanted! Usual smutty goodness and a safe read with HEA, Then in case you've been living under a rock and haven't already bought all of Alexa Riley's books voraciously as they've been released, you get 3 bonus stories too! How can you go wrong for just .99??!!

  • Arturo - Would be great if it worked

    The Nest looks beautiful and sets up easily and well. One problem: It doesn't work. I have gone through two of these, spent hours on the line with customer support, and still have the same problems. The most vexing one is that it does not turn on in the morning to heat up the house. Not even in manual mode. The scheduled time says 5:45, but every morning (for more than 45 days), I have had to press "End Away" when I come downstairs to the freezing first floor. I have reset it, restarted it, replaced it, and still the same problem. Strangely, it seems to recognize other set points. One morning, for example, after I had to start it again by pressing "End Away," I set the temperature remotely to rise by an additional two degrees 30 minutes later. Presto, the temperature rose by two degrees. And yet, still, frustrating, maddeningly, annoyingly, it would not come on in the morning. There were other problems as well. During one learning cycle, it decided that the heat should come on at 12 noon, even though we are all awake by 630am and no one is usually in the house at noon (at least during the week). It never seems to recognize that anyone is in the room unless you stand right in front of it and wave your hand. Quite simply, it doesn't do what it claims to do. If this is a "learning" thermostat, it gets an F.