Synthetic Drugs // Start the conversation. - Start the conversation about synthetic drugs. Find more information and resources about these illegal chemicals. Minnesota Department of Human Services

  • Synthetic Cannabinoids // - Cannabinoid chemicals are sprayed onto plant materials and smoked to appear like marijuana.
  • Synthetic Cathinones // - Often known as "bath salts," cathinones contain amphetamine-like stimulants that can be ingested orally, injected or snorted.
  • Vapor // - Liquid forms of synthetic cannabinoids are ingested using a vapor pen or electronic cigarette that produces little to no odor.
  • Synthetic Drugs and Packaging // - Synthetic drugs are typically labeled, "not for human consumption" and are sold under names like "herbal incense," "potpourri," or "bath salts."
  • Physical Symptoms of Synthetic Drugs // - Serious physical symptoms such as vomiting, panic attacks, rapid heart rate, kidney damage or stroke can happen after one use of a synthetic drug.
  • Synthetic Drug Paraphernalia // - Synthetic drugs can be smoked using items like a bong or joint, snorted, ingested orally, or inhaled from a vapor pen.
  • Social Behavior Issues from Synthetic Drugs // - Synthetic drug use can cause extreme anxiety or paranoia, and can also cause significant changes in motivation, hobbies, and relationships.
  • Means of Obtaining Synthetic Drugs // - Synthetic drugs can sometimes be purchased from a convenience store or gas station, but can also be purchased from illegal dealers online.
  • Starting the Conversation About Synthetic Drugs // - Don't be afraid to start a conversation about synthetic drugs. Ask questions, educate, discuss the risk factors, and listen.
  • Intervention Discussions About Synthetic Drugs // - Intervention discussions may be difficult to initiate, but if someone you care about is using synthetic drugs, it is vital to step in.
  • Talking to Law Enforcement About Synthetic Drugs // - If you see or hear activity involving synthetic drugs, do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement.
  • Why People Use Synthetic Drugs // - A common myth is that synthetic drugs are safer due to their availabiliity, price, and means of purchase. They are actually much more dangerous and intense than other drugs.
  • Common Questions About Synthetic Drugs // - Learning about synthetic drugs can produce a lot of unanswered questions. Are they legal? How big of an issue is this? What should I do about it?
  • Laws Pertaining to Synthetic Drugs // - Synthetic drugs are in fact an illegal substance and have serious criminal charges associated with the possession or trafficking of these drugs.
  • Seeking Help for Synthetic Drugs // - Where should I report an issue pertaining to synthetic drugs? What if it's an emergency? Where do I find treatment? Get answers to your questions so you can start the conversation.
  • More Information About Synthetic Drugs // - Further resources are available on a national and state level to help individuals learn the serious dangers associated with synthetic drug use.
  • Minnesota Issue Profile About Synthetic Drugs // - Minnesota is a leading policy maker when it comes to the battle against synthetic drugs. Learn how.

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