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  • Tricia Recommends - I haven't found a better product in 20 years of looking -

    A nurse in the cardiac care unit (don't worry - all is fine) of our local hospital checked my arm band and did a double take after looking at my age. She then asked me what I used on my skin. I told her I used Patricia Wexler "serum" - this great pink stuff in a jar. I am not sure she knew what I was talking about but I have to say, her asking me that made my day, after a scary night in the ER. I have been using this product for a couple of years and there is not a better thing on the market for dry sky. Yes, it is expensive but is fabulous. I agree with the less than four star review, it does not work that well on wrinkles, but it is the best product for the dry, arid CO weather.

  • Ben Hurst - MS should be ashamed!

    I've been using desktop programs for right at 27 years, and yet they seem to get worse with each generation, especially Microsoft's "updates." Each time you install the latest, thinking things will be better, you soon see that you have to learn the commands all over. That is as stupid as putting the E on your keyboard where the Q is. This may not bother someone who is new to the program but it can be maddening to the experienced user. For example: a year ago, I could create stationery in ten minutes or less; now it takes me three times that long to end up with the same product. That's absurd. After two weeks with this version, I am going to eBay to buy an old version. Please, Microsoft, before you "improve" any other programs, try talking to those of us in a small business who actually use these progams every day. There often seems to be an "elitism" view by your wet-behind-the-ears people that they know what is best, when in reality some of them are just plain idiots.

  • Amazon Customer - Paranoia?

    The story begins on an interesting note with an investigator working with the CIA's inspector general, returning to work after being on leave to deal with both personal and professional problems, being given what seems like a humdrum mission in Australia. A junior agency agent has gone missing. There is, of course, much more involved. The complexity and the too often intervention of fate are a bit hard to believe, but the plot is intriguing with a paranoid (maybe) agent trying to uncover agency wrongdoing . What is unnecessary is the unconnected and incredible drama involving the Australian love interest. This is a good book that good editing could have made much better.

  • Jeremy B Welch - Everyone needs a MAGA Mindset... a great positive read!

    I am almost finished reading MAGA Mindset and I already feel inspired and more American then when I first started reading. In a world where Nationalism & borders is seen as "absurd", Mike explains the importance of America and what cross-roads our country is facing today. It is a very positive read and validates my beliefs of wanting to Make America Great Again -even when the media, entertainers, & politicians want you to believe otherwise.

  • Annie - Deja vu

    I was so disappointed to find out that the CD practice test is the same as the prior edition!!! Not really worth it at all... especially if you have the previous edition!! I STRONGLY recommend Saunders!!!!! VERY complete information and great questions, and really well organized!!! LOVED IT!

  • J. T. - Nice gadget, accurate and easy to use

    The thermometer is very easy to use, either the forehead or ear option. You just have to take it out of the box, and you just have to activate it by pulling the battery saver tab from the 2 pre-installed batteries. When you have a little one at home you want the less complicated way to measure the temperature and with this device you can get a quick reading by placing on your forehead or the ear and select the corresponding function and youll get the reading almost instantly.

  • Christopher G. - Lesson Learned....

    The jacket is really uncomfortable - the shoulders and arms were very tight. You get a larger size, and the arms get to be too long. Don't like the fit or styling at all. I returned the jacket at my expense ($10) and they appeared to refund me less $18, so my ordering on-line and trying it on at home cost me $28. Don't waste your time (or money). Go to a local shop (like REI) and see for yourself. BTW - REI has it currently on sale there for $68....lesson learned.