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  • Tiffany Criswell - Works when nothing else would!

    I have been on antibiotics and none of them worked. After about 2 weeks on this probiotic I no longer have a problem with my bacterial vaginosis.

  • Mark Lyon - I'm not going to go out and recommend that you get illicit versions of the test

    This book has a totally insufficient number of practice tests. As the owner of a college counseling company (Lyon Prep Academy) I know firsthand how many practice tests students need in order to get a top score on the ACT. Now, I'm not going to go out and recommend that you get illicit versions of the test, but the easy availability of download of all the tests from April, June, and December from outside sources gives students who are willing to bend the rules an inordinate advantage. The simple solution? Since these tests are easily accessible anyway, just release them officially and level the playing field. I know that there have recently been minor changes to the Reading and Science sections (and major changes to the essay) but still having legal access to all these tests for which they've already released packets to individual students would be immensely valuable.

  • Amazon Customer - IT REALLY WORKS NO BS!

    I am naturally losing my weight after having my second child!! I never write reviews at all!! This is the REAL DEAL people!! I feel more energized, more confident. if anyone wants to detox naturally here is the key!!!!! thank you for your amazing product!!!

  • The Cat Family - WIth every version Acronis gets worse. Save yourself headaches and get Macrim Reflect

    WIth every version Acronis gets worse. This one has an imbecilic user interface and you can rarely tell what it's about to do. I've been using Acronis since something 2009. With every revision they have made the interface less user friendly and less intuitive. Now they have divorced the "Names" of your backup job almost completely from what the back up job actually consists of. Its so bad that the program has labeled my C drive backups as if they were the D drive back ups and the D drive backups as if they were the C drive backup. The only way I can tell which is which if by the size of the backup. I was going to get Macrium Reflect Full Version because I liked their free version so much. but because I could upgrade Acronis at a good price I got sucked into upgrading it. I so wish I had gotten Macrium instead and finally escaped Acronis Hell.

  • Brett A. Machtig - You are going to want to buy this book every year!

    Pretty good insight as to how to take advantage of the cycles of the market. Book goes in detail how to improve the returns using the January effect, the presidential market cycle and market seasonality to get away from higher risk periods.

  • Jackie - VillaWare 2010 Uno Pro Waffle maker

    We love this waffle maker. The waffles come out just as if you ordered it at a restaurant. I broke the first one we had and it still worked for a few years, but I finally decided to order another one. The new one works great, just like the old one did.