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Leslie Beck Nutrition Consulting - Leslie Beck is Canada's leading nutritionist offering nutrition, dieting information, recipes and healthy food ideas. Leslie will inspire you to live well.

  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/book-an-appointment Book an appointment - Fill out our nutrition consulting questionnaire to book your appointment with Leslie Beck. Learn more about nutritional consulting and our services.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/about-leslie/contact-leslie-beck Contact Leslie Beck - As one of Canada's leading nutritionists, Leslie has run a thriving private practice in the heart of downtown Toronto since 1989.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-topics Nutrition Topics - Leslie posts articles to help you make healthy nutrition, lifestyle choices. Learn about diet, exercise, vitamin supplements, food & healthy eating advice.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services Nutrition Services - It used to be that eating right was simply a matter of common sense. Eating less fat and more vegetables were two ways to ensure a healthy diet.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/three-month-weight-management-program 3 Month Weight Management Program - Program Includes: Total of 9 appointments scheduled over 12 weeks (Two 30-minute appointments plus seven 15-minute follow-up appointments) Initial…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/optimal-health-nutrition-counselling-program Optimal Health & Nutrition Counselling Program - Package Includes: Total of 7 visits scheduled over six to 12 months. (Two 30-minute appointments plus five 15-minute follow up appointments.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/nutrition-seminars-and-workshops Nutrition Seminars and Workshops - Looking for a dynamic speaker for a conference, trade show or lunch and learn corporate seminar? Leslie delivers seminars, presentations, and workshops.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/healthy-ways-to-lose-weight Healthy Ways to Lose Weight - Congratulations! You've just made the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and body weight. Learn more about working with Leslie Beck.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/healthy-ways-to-gain-weight Healthy Ways to Gain Weight - We hear so much about the importance of weight loss to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. But for some of us, keeping weight on is a real problem.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/recommended-portion-sizes Recommended Portion Sizes - The meal plan you received in my office indicates how many servings from each food group you should be eating each day - and how you should combine…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/q-a-with-leslie-about-the-nofail-diet Q & A with Leslie about The No-Fail Diet - How fast will I lose weight on the No-Fail Diet? The No-Fail Diet Meal Plan is designed to help you safely lose up to two pounds each week.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/whats-inside-the-nofail-diet What's Inside The No-Fail Diet? - Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Start the No-Fail Diet Are You Ready to Lose Weight? Why the No-Fail Diet? The No-Fail Diet's Four Keys to Success…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/sample-menu-from-the-nofail-diet-week-3-sunday Sample Menu from The No-Fail Diet: Week 3, Sunday - (For the Level 2 Meal Plan, 1400 calories) Breakfast Breakfast omelet (see recipe) 1 slice of whole grain toast with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) butter or…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/sample-menu-from-the-nofail-diet-week-7-tuesday Sample Menu from The No-Fail Diet: Week 7, Tuesday - (For the Level 2 Meal Plan, 1400 calories) Breakfast 1/2 cup (125 ml) hot oat bran cereal with 2 tbsp (25 ml) raisins and 2 tbsp (25 ml) ground…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/about-leslie About Leslie - Leslie's professional background, credentials and years of experience put her at the top of her field. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.
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  • https://lesliebeck.com/articles/2016/10/17/five-ways-to-lose-your-sweet-tooth 5 ways to lose your sweet tooth - Nutrition: Five ways to lose your sweet tooth. We’re hardwired from birth to love sweet tastes and dislike bitter ones.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/foods/pumpkin Pumpkin - Food details: Pumpkin. Long a symbol of harvest and Halloween, beta-carotene packed pumpkins are synonymous with autumn in Canada.

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  • CJmom - Strong Hair

    I used to use this all the time as a teen along with the conditioner. I decided to use it again because I remember how good it was for my hair. My hair is breaking off a little and this makes the hair stronger. So, here I am again using Mane 'n Tail. I think I will stick with it this time.

  • Carol A. Richmond - Great product, lousy delivery system

    This stuff really works but the spray bottle is cheaply made and drips terribly, so much so that I get irritated every time I use it even though I think its a great product. Big picture, people. You can ruin a product by not taking everything into consideration. The delivery mechanism is not a minor issue with any product and this is one of the worst I've dealt with. Even the concept is poor. You are spraying a pump bottle downward??? really?

  • josh green - Hellped me pass my TEAS

    This book really helped me practice for my TEAS test. And I passed them so I am really happy I bought this book. Sure a few typos but not a big deal if you still learn what you need.