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  • justme - It was also frustrating to use because it adjusted with a thin strap that felt like it was made out of cardboard

    This Baby Car Mirror is well very well made! The last baby car mirror that I used was made cheaply and I was worried that it would come off the headrest because it didn't secure very well. It was also frustrating to use because it adjusted with a thin strap that felt like it was made out of cardboard. After adjusting it to where I could see my baby, it would move around. Every single time I drove I had to readjust it and it only stayed in the right position for about 10 minutes, or until I drove around any sharp corners. It was so maddening. I used it for less then a week before just taking it off and not using a mirror at all for a while. This one is made much better. It securely fastens to the back of the headrest and I am not at all worried about it coming off! It adjusts easily and then stays adjusted! This is a good size mirror as well. It is so nice to have a great big view of my baby while I am driving. Peace of mind, being able to see my baby is huge to me. This is made from shatter proof glass which is important to me. I am very pleased with this purchase. I did receive this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Stephen McG - The best insurance policy

    Thankfully I have not had to use this machine yet other than initial testing but for the price you cant beat it. The wheel kit is a must as this thing is heavy to move around the garage before a storm. If I had to buy it over again I would have spent the extra money and got the Duromax hybrid propane and gas. Propane stores forever and for the amount of times I will use this storing gasoline (20 gallons) becomes a pain. Ethanol gas wont store more than a few months so I will have to rotate the jugs into the car whereas propane will store forever without any intervention.

  • Victoria - Wasting my time

    We got this new updated program at work and it is a waste of our time. It makes simple things invisible and gives you so many things that you have no need for. Why can't they be like apple? Keep some consistency so we don't have to try to figure out things all over again. Nobody at my school has been able to figure out a good way to use this program with Spanish letter characters and we have to type up a lot of things in Spanish. It looks kind of unprofessional when you can't do that correctly. I use to have my program all set up so I could insert the letters easily and now I haven't had time to figures this one out and I've had it for a year now. That shouldn't be so hard!


    The Can-Gun seems well built. At first I was afraid it would break putting a can on and off as it is a tight fit. I was wrong, I've fired about 10 cars of various sprays through this so far and no issues whatsoever. My thumb is definitely happy.

  • ReviewForYou - Best I've Ever Used

    The Art of Shaving shaving cream is the best I've ever used. I have very sensitive skin and this doesn't leave it feeling dry or with razor burn. Works the best with a shaving brush.

  • michael blakes - thought it was the best but ??????

    when i purchased my laptop {my first and only PC at the time} it was recommended and installed at the store.for the first year it worked well. i renewed it and four months later it crashed repeatedly . i contacted them on line and they fixed it over and over. in the third year i renewed the software by getting it from a store and installing it. about six month later i get a warning that my protection has only thirteen days left.{keep in mind the subscription was for a year} i contacted them." they said they need my product key and couldn't check to see if i had six more months without it".... After six months i couldn't find the box it came in; so i down loaded their free 30 day trial of Norton 360. It came with a Virus that cost me $159.37 and close to three week of repeater attempts by professional techs. to fix they finally had to erase and scrub my entire hard drive then send and have it reloaded by the manufacture of my of my PC. So i warn u not to purchase this software, the company and product is not the same it won't recognize a virus that comes with any of it's own software and NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS PRODUCT!!